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How do I install the volume control program on Windows XP

  • I inadvertently (or should I say stupidly) deleted  my volume control program under the Windows XP operating system.  Journal ID 08346Y6FB6 in technical support documents how to expand Sndvol32.exe.  Will this procedure restore the volume control program?  If so when this entry references Windows XP CD is this my Windows XP reinstallation disc (Service Pack 1a) CD that I use to retrieve the volume control program?  If this is not the proper procedure then what is?


  • Just to be clear - did you delete the actual sndvol32.exe file, or did you inadvertently uninstall the sound drivers?

    If you removed sndvol32.exe, it should have recovered itself with XP's built-in file protection from the .dll cache.  But if not, then you should be able to restore it with the procedure to expand it from your XP disk.   An easier way may be to look on your PC for a folder called i386, which usually (but not always) has the full set of XP files.   Then just copy the sndvol32.exe file from there into C:\Windows\System32.

    If you removed the sound driver, though, then you'd need to replace it either from Dell's site or from the driver disk that came with your machine.  If you post the PC model and what sound device you have we may be able to help you find it.

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  • Thanks to you I was able to reload the volume control.  As you suggested, I did find a copy of sndvol32.exe in the i386 folder and copied it to C:\Windows\System32.  Once this was done I was able to reaccess it.  Thanks for your assistance.

  • Glad you got it working :) .

    'Tis a poor carpenter that blames his tools.