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If anyone has a Dell Computer, please be aware that they have no customer support. We purchased a dell laptop for Cody for school last August, it has broken down 3 times completely. (new motherboard, hard drive, wireless card, wiring, new case cover) I would call this a LEMON ... but Dell says the only thing they can do is send out a repairman each time. Of course, when you have assignments that have to be completed that night it does not help, especially when your class required CD can only be used on one computer. I have spent two days trying to get them to realize that the computer is a LEMON and needs to be go! Plus they will not give you any number in the US for their corporate can only talk to someone in India. What is wrong with this picture. Guess I will get off of my soap box now, they just had a gentleman call and say he was call for the corporate office and it turned out to be someone in India. Their corporate office is in Texas.

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  • I have the same situation. Please whatever you do, do not buy DELL.  The corporate office never calls, it's always someone from India. My son's computer has been broken over 10 times in the last 13 months. Tonight we are buying a competitors product, filing a claim with the better business bureau and never going back to Dell.  I hope everyone reads this before they buy from DELL.