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Horrible experience first with my XPS and then with Customer Service

  • Hi,

    I had bought my Laptop in March 2011 and I went in for XPS instead of Inspiron thinking I will have a robust and trouble free Laptop for few years. But in November the LCD started flickering and completely went blank and after long conversations with Dell support they had someone come over and replace the same. The same thing happened last week and I called Support and they said it is because of electricity fluctuations here in Wisconsin!!! The same problem all over again in few months and this time my warranty just ran out and I escalted the Issue and I tried expalining to the manager I beleive there is some defective LCD and so it blew off and not because of elctricity voltage variation here. He said there is nothing can be done and it will take atleast $400 to fix the same and he said he can give probably $125 discount. How can I have the same problem all over again with my laptop if Dell claims to have fixed it few months back.


  • Hi George,

    Sorry you are having problems with your computer.  I may be able to assist.  Please contact me privately by clicking on my name in blue, then on the next page, click the envelope icon that says "start conversation", and send me your information.  Thanks.





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