My name is Harsha Teja Kothagundu. I have ordered “XPS 15” on 04/14/2012 and received an email confirmation for my order. I have been chatting with the dell agents to know my order status.  Each and every one said that your order has been processing, it’s in building stage and it will be shipped on 04/30/2012 and you will get it on 05/02/2012. I have the chat histories.  I have selected 2 days shipping method as I need it immediately. On 04/30/2012 I have chatted with one of the agent to know whether my order was shipped or not, and then he/she told me that my order was in hold as payment was not approved by the bank, it needs my authentication. I called my bank to know about this, but my bank said that everything was clear on their side. So again I called the dell directly and told this story. Every one listened to my story and finally forwarded to different departments, I have repeated whole story 15 times and talked for 2 hours continuously. They took my debit card details and said that my order was no more; I have to go for new order which takes 17 days to reach my address. Don’t you think it is ridiculous?  It was like everyone escaping.  And finally they disconnected my call.  What the hell is this? Please pull out my voice record and check the time period.  No one really took the care of that and no one told me that my order was in hold. I have sat for 2 days for ordering it and waited 15 days and kept my job aside and talked with dell guys for more than 2 hours and mentally tortured by repeating whole story.  I am really disappointed about this. I am asking you one simple question. “If you were in my position what will you do?” I wasted my time to order it, waited for such a long time thinking that it will come, wasted my time talking with agents for more than 2 hours and finally no result. No one said me that my order was in hold till 04/30/2102. And they informed me when I called them. I get email alerts for new products and I never get any email that my order was in hold. I would have cross checked with the bank if I know it earlier. I have talked with my advising lawyer to proceed legally about this. He said to mail you in detail and shall see accordingly. So now it is your turn. I hope you react positively and will look into my issue.

Thank you,

Harsha Teja Kothagundu

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