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Made a mistake purchasing v515w printer. How do I get out?

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Made a mistake purchasing v515w printer. How do I get out?

  • Hello,

    I am new to the community and wanted to know what I could do about the v515w I just purchased with my All in one computer. I did buy it sight unseen, but trusted Dell products and figured I couldn't go wrong with Dell. The wireless feature was the selling point for me. I unpacked the printer and started reading the manuals. I found out what type cartridges it used, and through a post on this site I learned that the cartridges cannot be refilled. I didn't have this problem with the printer I am using now. I did not need a new printer, but when it was priced to me during the interview with the salesman, it sounded like a good deal. I feel like a material fact was withheld from me when I bought the printer. Nobody told me Dell printer cartridges were "licensed". I wasn't afforded that information until I received and unpacked the printer and I do not agree with the license. I have not opened the cartridges. I have not opened the software that came with it.  How do I get out of this Dell v515W printer and the licensing of cartridges? Anybody know? Are all Dell cartridges "licensed" for one use?

    Is there any licensing issues I should know about the All in one Computer before I unpack it?

    Thanks in advance for any information.


  • gpajw,


    Here is information on the Dell Ink cartridges. If the cartridges are refilled, you will always get the low ink message, since there is a sensor in the cartridges. Most printer manufacturers are now putting sensors in their ink cartridges. I have seen people refill cartridges and put up with the low ink warning. They would then replace the ink cartridges when the print quality got worst. Some generic cartridges work and some don't


    Dell Series 21,23 ink cartridges have a sensor in them that cannot be reset. Article on refilling Dell ink cartridges.


    Dell Series 21, 23 ink cartridges can be purchased at Staples, Walmart or Dell's Website.


    It possible to get a Dell Series 21,23 Cartridge with a bad sensor. Take back to place of purchase for a replacement.





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  • It's a very simple question infact, you can send the used ink catridges to dell itself for recycling and they would provide you ink catridges in return /exchange for which you would have to pay some nominal charges

    For more information see......... or call 1-866-966-4657  ( Now other than this you can use refilled catridges which are sold by office supplied stores which are infact cheaper compared to Actuall dell catridges sold by Dell , staples or wallmart but the problem is the sensor will still display you are out of ink or the ink level is low and you can still use the printer but the warranty on your printer wil become void because dell doesnt suggests to use refilled catridges which in turn will damage the printer

    Other than this if you are not interested you always have an option where in you can contact dell customer care on 18006249897 and return the printer back to dell since you have a 21 day return policy