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  • i have a laptop inspiron 1545 it came with a built in webcam it has worked fine up to now and all of a sudden it has stopped working the light wont come on and the prompt says plug in a supported webcam. i have reinstalled the programme that came with the computer several times but no joy. i have spent many hours trying to put it right but no joy can anyone help. i have tried emailing dell support but the server send it back saying not a valid address. i am not happy with this dell computer particulary when i cant contact them for help.

    can anyone help me




  • Device Manager in Windows 7

    Device Manager provides you the facility to graphically view the hardware that is installed on your computer. You can use Device Manager to manage devices only on a local computer. Using Device Manager you can:

    • Determine whether the hardware on your computer is working properly.

    If this device is working properly then it must be a software problem.

  • am facing a weird problem ! in device manager it shows my webcam is workin properly but how do turn on my webcam ? dell webcam manager shows no cam connected...its built in model is dell inspiron 1564+core i3 +2gb ram+250gb hdd .... is there any shortcut key to turn on the webcam ? i use windows seven ultimate 32-bit

  • O.K. Device Manager is say that the driver for the webcam is working properly.

    Then this is a software problem. My Dell webcam manager still works for my built-in webcam. But recently I bought a Digital Camcorder & I use the software that came with it. This software work with the built-in webcam. The picture was much clearer & brighter. So I use that software as my default for the built-in webcam instead of the software that came with Dell.

    What I'm try to get at. Try some other free webcam software to see if you can get it going using different software. Try this one

    And if you have another digital video camera around. See if it came with a webcam video software that you might be able to use with the Dell webcam.