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Dell Studio 1569 (Best Buy's Blue Box)

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Dell Studio 1569 (Best Buy's Blue Box)

  • I need help with two things:

    1.  My bluetooth mouse is configured and I "was" able to use it until it stopped.  Then I configured it again, with success, then it stopped.  Then I tried another bluetooth mouse, same dealie.  What's up with my bluetooth?  Any suggestions? 

    2.  I am not able to hit the "eject" button in the function keys to eject a DVD out of the slot-type DVD player.  I can go to my computer, right click on the disk in the drive and eject it that way, but I can't seem to use the simple "eject" button on the keyboard.  Any suggestions?  I would go to Dell and download the driver again, but it doesn't appear on my list under my service tag as on my machine. Weird, eh?

    I'm also very frustrated with this computer randomly just shutting down.  When I restart, I get a message asking if I want to start windows in safe mode since it was shut down improperly.  I've read some noise on the internet about this, but I can't find any resolution.  Comments or suggestions?

    Have a magnatastic day!!

  • Hi, jackcata:

    Since your system is new and you bought it from Best Buy, my suggestion would be to take it back to them for service.

    As far as your system shutting down, this may be a case for restoring the hard drive image that came with the system. You should have received instructions on how to perform this OS restore. Make sure you back up your files before you do this.