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Wireless/Network Controller driver from Dell Inspiron 8600.

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Wireless/Network Controller driver from Dell Inspiron 8600.

  • Alright, so I recently reformatted my laptop because I was tired of Linux.

    So I re-upload Windows XP and install all the necessary drivers in the correct order as illustrated by other members/posts on this site.

    Still, my wireless refuses to work. I am trying to find the Network Controller driver needed, since my computer recognizes the hardware but wishes for me to install the driver.

    I've looked everywhere on the downloads and drivers site for my laptop but, big shocker here, couldn't find it.

    So I've just downloaded EVERY driver under the "Network" category and I'm going to install them all. I've already installed about 7 of them, none did the trick.

    So, I don't think the others will either.

    If anyone can help me and point me in the right direction, I will love you forever.

    I've posted my problem in other places, too, and everyone seems to think that giving me the link to the downloads and drivers site will magically fix everything!

    Well it doesn't.

    Link to a specific driver, or at least information on finding out HOW to figure out with driver I need is appreciated.

    Thanks a heap, Dell.

    I want Linux back.

  • Hi, Dear_Misss_White:

    Grab your Dell resource disc and run that. It will figure out which driver is needed and install it. It may not be the most up to date, but then you'll know which updated driver to use.

    Unfortunately, the 8600 seems to have come with quite a variety of wireless cards.

  • My main problem here, which I forgot to mention, is that this laptop was a gift given to me for my birthday.

    Mr. Smarty pants who gave it to me didn't include any disks. XD

    The only disk he did give me was a blank DVD. :/

    BUT! I was finally able to get wireless working. [after installing ALL the network drives. XD]

    But my wireless now, for lack of a better phrase, fails out the pooper.

    Any time I try to load an internet page, the connection drops and then the wireless network "stops responding."

    It does this any time I try to load a page other than Google.