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Why won't my SD/MMC drive read my SD cards and mini SD cards?

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Why won't my SD/MMC drive read my SD cards and mini SD cards?

  • My computer is not new in any way shape or form, and my warranty is no longer valid.  I ordered my Dimension 5100 a few years ago and it was a good computer at the time. I had it equipped with all the bells and whistles or so I thought... The SD/MMC drive was included and I never really used it until recently. My sister and I both seem to not be able to get it to work. If you put an ordinary Sandisk SD card into it the green light lights up but will not read the card? I bought a mini SD from PNY to see if it was the namebrand and have had no success with it as well. I searched the support forums and I came across something called a Ricoh Chipset Driver ? I can not find a link to updating this, and was wondering if anyone could tell me what seems to be the problem? I updated my BIOS as well... Thanks for any help!

  • Does the disk show up on Disk Manager (right click on My Computer/Computer -> Manage -> Storage -> Disk Manager)? If the SD shows up, you may have to assign the drive a letter.

    If it does show up in Disk Manager, right click on the disk and choose 'Change Drive Letter'. Hopefully it will show up in explorer.

  • Hello Mpo,

    I also ran into this card reader problem on my XPS M1330. But my problem is a little bit different: when I pop in the card from the camera into the slot of the laptop, the laptop sees it and says it's Memory Stick Pro "G" and automatically installs the device. Unfortunately I still cannot access the card and view the pictures on it.

    I went into the Disk Manager just like you advised and noticed something even more interesting: the Disk appears as unallocated but bears the name "G". I wanted to change its name into another letter, but a message appears: "some programs that rely on drive letters may not run correctly". I am not sure what to do at this point. How safe is it to change the name of the drive in this case?

    Thank you in advance and I would really appreciate some help with this issue.

    PS: I tried updating the disk's drive (it;s a Ricoh) but the computer says it;s already up to date.