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Why Has My Order Been Delayed? **UPDATED**

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Why Has My Order Been Delayed? **UPDATED**

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Sorry you are experiencing a delay with the delivery of your laptop computer. 


If you have been receiving notices that your original estimated ship date has changed, here is one explanation:  Dell's laptop manufacturing is done in China and depending on parts availability it can take about 7 - 10 days to build one, ship it to the US, then box it up and have it ready for the package shipper.  Then it would depend on what type of shipping the customer purchased for it to arrive at their house. 


Laptops are our most popular computers right now, so the demands from the parts manufacturer to get the parts to Dell's manufacturing facility is pretty intense.  The current delays are postponing our original delivery estimates and extending those a bit. 


Please believe me Dell is not intentionally trying to disappoint you personally, as many orders are affected by these delays.  We do appreciate your continued patronage and your patience, as these estimated ship dates are just that, estimated.  Things can happen faster or slower depending on the parts delays.  If by chance the parts get to us quicker, all the delayed systems will be put on a fast track to get them built and out to the customers quickly.


Hope this explains things for you.  Thanks again for your patience.  If I can assist  further, please Private Message me.




---UPDATE 3/17/10---


We are still working through these delays, and our current holdups revolve around several part shortages.  The current ones include LCD and LED screens due to the manufacturers having problems with production, plus the vendors of hard drives, memory, and video cards having difficulty keeping up with current demands.  These issues are happening industry wide, and we are not the only company experiencing these issues.  

As I said above our normal build time is around 7-10 days, but are now running 15+ days, not including shipping time from the packaging center to the customer.  The changes in shipping dates fluctuate as supplies for parts are received and systems are being shipped out, so the information being sent to customers will change as well.

Once again, we apologize for these delays, and hopefully this information will help you understand why the ship dates are fluctuating.


-----UPDATE 8/3/10-----

If you're waiting on your Dell order or shipment, just a reminder that you can check order status at support.dell.com.  http://bit.ly/d0gqcG


-----UPDATE 10/10/11-----

 Current laptop orders are still being hampered by delays with Japanese manufacturers who build the electronic components. As you may be aware, recent earthquake and tsunamis have destroyed the plants that produce small components like transistors, resistors, etc.  We are currently seeking other vendors for tese products, but until suitable vendors are found that can meet the high demands by customers for electronics, there will be some delays.

Right now many orders are being delayed due to the manufacturer of the i5 processor being unable to keep up with the demand.  This not only affects Dell but other computer manufacturers as well.  Thanks for your patience.


---UPDATE 11/30/11--- 

 All computer manufacturers are experiencing delays currently due to flooding in Thailand which has shut down many hard drive manufacturing plants.  Current reserves of hard drives are being exhausted, and according to several sources this shortage may continue until mid-2012.  For more information:





 ---UPDATE 1/10/12---


How do I track my order status?
* Order status can be tracked online. Go to this link. Enter the Order number or Dell Purchase ID number in first field and Customer Number in second field. Also, if the order is already placed, you can call our Order Status Line at 1-800-433-9014. You can also use the Dell Sales Chat to ascertain Order Status.

Where can I find my Order or Customer number?
* Go to this link.






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