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Need help XPS 410 Floppy Disk Not Found in Hardware Xp Media Center Edition.

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Need help XPS 410 Floppy Disk Not Found in Hardware Xp Media Center Edition.

  • I recently bought a used XPS 410 on ebay.

    I have been rapidly upgrading it since.

    I wanted to install a floppy disk so I bought a new one and hooked it all up.

    Its like I never even put it in there.

    So I get an exchange and it still cant find it.

    Tried a different cable still nothing.

    So I hook it up in an old GX110 and it works fine cable and all.

    Is there something I'm missing?

    Maybe a download?

    Its driving me bananas!

    Please Help!

  • Did you set the Diskette Drive to Internal in BIOS setup?


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  • No its saying its not installed like its not even there.

  • I've never seen the XPS 410 BIOS setup, so I can only speak in general.  The entry for the diskette drive should be user changeable because legacy diskette drives are not plug and play.  If you check this forum for "Seek Error on Diskette Drive" you should come up with a number of posts in which users are complaining that they see this error even without a diskette drive installed.

    For the drive you are trying to install, the setting should be "Internal".  The later model Dells I have seen also have "Off" and "USB".  If the setting you have found cannot be changed, look around in the BIOS a bit to see if you can find another that will change.


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  • Hi Kevin.

    Sorry to barge in jackshack. Kevin here is the manual to flash an upgraded BIOS and then to enter the BIOS setup:

    <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>

    you have to look for Drives. In it has to say "Internal". change it if not. 


    Diskette Drive

    Identifies and defines the floppy drive attached to the FLOPPY connector on the system board. The options restrict identification of drives to USB only, Internal only, or none (Off). The Read Only option restricts the ability to boot from any floppy device.

    SATA 0 through 5

    Identifies the drives attached to the SATA connectors on the system board, and lists the capacity for hard drives.

    SATA Operation

    Identifies and defines the SATA controller settings for RAID. You can set the SATA controller to RAID Autodetect/ATA or RAID On.


    Hope it helps.





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  • Thank you both very much. I was able to figure out what basically both of you were saying and make the floppy disk setting in the bios into internal because it was set on noninstalled. Thanks