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Dell Latitude XT Tablet

  • Please help.  Bought the laptop recently and thinking of returning if I can't fix these issues...

    I just updated Windows XP to the sp3 because the system was nagging me to update them.  I did and now I cant get the computer to rotate the screen at all.  When I tried to use the manual rotate button, I got an error message to check the display setting but I couldn't do anything under that or the tablet settings in control panel...

    Also, my laptop always run extremely hot at about 50c even at idle and gets up to about 60c constantly so the fan is always on as a result.  Is this a common issue and how I do get this to run at a lower rate than that.  I use it in school and it's extremely loud and very embarassing to use.... 

    Hope someone can help as I like the table but the noise is really hurting my ability to use it in class.

  • Have you tried reinstalling application for it?

    I believe it is QuickSet that handles screen rotation, but I don't quiet rembmer.


    Which part of your laptop gets hottest?

    I bought refurbished Latitude XT from eBay and it smoked just under a day of use. Power management circuit (which is located underside of area where power adapter plugs in) burned out.

    Around that area was running pretty hot, but I thought it may be normal for this laptop. But then, there was smoke and burnning smell.
    I left it runing on the carpet for about 10 min, which would have limited its cooling capabilities, but it was only 10 min!

    Dell will build me a new laptop, but I'm worried that this might happen again.

  • I just bought the XT and when I updated to SP3 and I get exactly the same problem with the hard tablet button when I rotate. Even Dell Support doesn't seem to know why.

    Have you figured it out since?

  • Here's how I solved this same problem on a new Dell Latitude (I did all of the Windows updates before even putting the tablet into tablet mode, so I never even got to see the screen rotate  work properly before it broke with XP SP3!)

    1. Once I discovered the problem, I downloaded the file named R205577.exe from Dell & ran it.  It installed driver version 8.551.0.0 dated 10/24/08

    2. This didn't work!

    3. Next, I used System Rollback to a point before I had installed the driver and verified the ATI driver version #: (it now read 8.432.0.0)  I had never checked it initially, but I assume this was the version I had on here when it was delivered.

    4. Now I was back to where I started (and once again confirmed that the screen wouldn't rotate).  Next, I used Windows to search for a driver (thinking that it might find something other than the defective Dell driver).
    [Start > My Computer > Properties > Hardware tab > Device Manager > Display adapters > ATI Radeon Xpress 1250 > Properties > Driver tab > verify date & version.  Then I clicked Update Driver...]

    5. This ran for a few minutes then completed.  I rebooted & checked driver version, which now reads 8.491.0.0 dated 4/22/2008.

    6. I pressed the screen rotate button and... YES! rotation!

    I supose that if you already have the more recent-but-defective Dell driver installed & you don't have an earlier roll-back version, you could uninstall the driver completely & then use the Windows Update Driver command.

    Hope it works for you as it did for me!

  • Is there a link to download the older driver? The new one is just plain ***.

  • OK, I got my driver rolled back. Now running 8.432, dated 11/1/07. That was all I could find on my machine. It resovled the rotation problem.

    Dell needs to pull the "New" driver. Is is apparent that it was never tested.



  • I called ATI and they are aware of the issues. They recommend that you remove SP3 and use the older driver. The newest driver will not work.

    I did that and it is working. They are attempting to resolve the issue for the new driver

  • With regards to the heat: did you update the BIOS to A06? I believe that will resolve that problem. Also, run the firmware update for the NTRIG device & you will get multitouch features... just a tip.


    we have about 300 of them at work and we avg at least one system board failure a week or a fan failure a week.

    i personally will never recommend this tablet pc to anyone.  i have great experiences w/HP and Lenovo tablets.

    perhaps the XT2 fixes these problems but the XT is def a first gen/revision and seems more like a beta product than a production machine.


    just my .02

  • Tipiman-

    Bingo.  I reinstalled Quickset, updated other drivers to no avail- until now.  Ran the windows update like you, and I'm back in business.  Thanks!

    -FYI for others, laptop was a Latitude XT, XP sp3, display = ATI Radeon xpress 1250, driver version = 8.491.0.0 (after update)