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Can Grand Theft Auto 4 run using a Celeron processor?


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Can Grand Theft Auto 4 run using a Celeron processor?

  • I have a DELL Inspiron 530 with the Intel Celeron processor.  GTA 4 installed without problem, but when I tried to play it showed the warning "GTA IV Fatal Error DD3D50".  This is the only warning that appears and Rockstar's website says directx9 video card required.  If I get the proper video card, would the CPU still work with the game, or would I need to upgrade to a Core 2 Duo?

  • Checking the system requirements (according to Wikipedia, anyway) you should have at least a dual core CPU, as well as an Nvidia 8600 level video card at the minimum.  Which processor and video card are in your system?  Kind of sounds like an upgrade may be needed if you are intent on playing GTA IV on your system.

  • Thank you for the advice.  The specs I found on the computer were.

    CPU:  Intel Celeron 450@2.2 GHz

    RAM:  2 GB

    Video:  Intel G33/G31 Express chipset built into the motherboard.

    Sound:  Realtec high definition audio built into the motherboard

    I'm not sure if this can be upgraded to a dual core CPU.  I checked Wal Mart today for anything with a dual core processor, but what I found cost $300 more than what I paid for my pc.




  • Your major issue here is that you only have onboard graphics and no dedicated video card.  You will need to upgrade to the ATI HD 4670 at minimum and then see how it plays before looking into the expense of a new CPU. 

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