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  • Forum Thread: next gen xps lap tops ?

    ok ... when is dell coming out with a lap top to replace the m-1730 ?? i have been waiting to see what crafty and beautiful design they come up with next. also does any 1 know if it will have the new Intel i7 proccessor ??? plan on buying the replacement thats why im asking 0=]
  • Forum Thread: Can I upgrade my XPS One 20 integrated Intel video card to a 512mb nVidia 9600 GT card?

    Can I? Are this is a plug & play upgrade replacement? I know I need the nVidia 9600 GT MXM but I not sure what type MXM II 41mm or 46mm . Also I want to know if this is a stright replacement (Plug & Play) compatible power sorce and temperature. Thanks!
  • Forum Reply: Re: Newbie needs help deceiding on gaming machine

    920 might be OK, but please read the topic listed in this forum re-"random shutdown" for the 730X and ESPECIALLY the lack of support from Dell regarding may hours spent by the three of us to solve the same problem. The lack of responsible tech support at Dell speaks volumes to any Newbie considering...
  • Forum Thread: Gaming System Confusion

    The gaming system lineup offered by Dell seems confusing to me. What is considered the top-of-the-line gaming system from Dell? I ask because it seems no matter which model I look at, it’s missing something... Speculation based on the model numbers leads me to believe that the XPS 435 is a sort...
  • Forum Thread: refund on video cards

    how long does it take for dell to refund my cash in to my account?? it's been almost two week's and still no credit's....... it did'nt take them but one secound to withdraw it from my account so why don't they put it back!!!
  • Forum Reply: Re: Intel, Nvidia,or OEM Dell MOIB Design

    Found the best Gaming Option ORIGIN
  • Forum Thread: To those in the know

    Ok i ordered a refurbished dell . Got it today and maybe i just read the description wrong but, When first starting up i noticed the nvidia icon pop up and said starting sli mode . I wasnt aware it was going to come with sli as the description when i bought it labeled it as one card . after looking...