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I7 recall list


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I7 recall list

  • Has anyone compiled a real list of affected i7 models with proc specs?


    I am seeking a replacement for my studio 17 i7 8GB dual hdd 1gb ati... We consistently run into issuses and have had repairs more than 5 times, in-home and depot.

    Dell no longer offers the studio17 so I will seek a replacement from new models and really do not want more problems.


    another Q, does "second gen" mean "fixed" Sandies, or just Sandies in general?

  • I'd be interested in knowing about this recall too, since I'm considering an XPS laptop with the i7 chip!  Anyone know about this... please, I'd really like some info before I buy one.

    thanks much,



  • There is no recall on Core I7 processors.

    The Sandy Bridge Issue was with the Chipset not the processor.

    Intel issued a recall on 67-series motherboards not CORE I7 processors.

    The stepping number can not be seen from the CPUID but only from the PCI configuration space.

    Intel stopped production of flawed B2 stepping chipsets and began producing B3 stepping chipsets with the silicon fix.

    Shipping of these new chipsets started on 14 February 2011 and Intel estimated full recovery volume in April 2011.

    Intel maintains that Sandy Bridge CPUs are not affected, and current users are highly unlikely to encounter the issue.

    CPUIDSteppingDie Code NameDie sizeTransistorsMax. CoresMax. GPU EUsMax. L3 Cache
    0206A7h D2 Sandy Bridge-HE-4 216 mm² 1.16 billion 4 12 8 MB
    J1 Sandy Bridge-H-2 149 mm² 624 million 2 12 4 MB
    Q0 Sandy Bridge-M-2 131 mm² 504 million 2 6 3 MB
    0206D6h C1 Sandy Bridge-EP-8 435 mm² 2.27 billion 8 N/A 20 MB
    M0 Sandy Bridge-EP-4 294 mm² 1.27 billion 4 N/A 10 MB
    0206D7h C2 Sandy Bridge-EP-8 435 mm² 2.27 billion 8 N/A 20 MB
    M1 Sandy Bridge-EP-4 294 mm² 1.27 billion 4 N/A 10 MB

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