Cool NEW Dell PC (XPS One A2010)


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Cool NEW Dell PC (XPS One A2010)

  • NEW XPS One A2010

    NEW XPS One A2010 teaser

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  • IMO Dell has made another blunder.  And to label this as an XPS, wellllll.
  • Where ya been Chris? :smileyhappy:
  • Dislike the "all in one systems".  Problem to one area affects the entire system and it has to be fixed, or replaced.  Upgrading is a nightmar at best and gaming will not be high ended.  Wish Dell would stop using the XPS letters for such a lower ended system.  Leave the XPS letters to a real gaming system. 
    Or at least identify it as a  " Not a real gaming XPS-Light  wannabe 2010 system "  :smileyvery-happy:

    VelocityMicro Gamer’s Edge PCX

    eVGA nForce 680i SLI Socket 775 A1 version
    E6600 2.4 Ghz
    4 Gb Corsair Dominator DDR-2 1066 Mhz Heat Xchange
    eVGA 8800 GTX
    Raptor 10,000 rpm 150 Gb
    Dell 2407 LCD
    Vista 64 bit/32 bit version

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    Banchetto 101 Case-Less System 


    eVGA 780i Mobo

    eVGA 295 GTX Video

    8 Gb Corsair Memory

    Thermaltake TRUE Black CPU Cooler

    VelociRaptor 10,000 rpm HD

    Windows 7 RC 7100

  • It has a nice look for what it is, but yeah, I hope people avoid it and buy Dell's other systems instead.

    They really do need to stop plastering XPS on low end systems. Maybe they need a new name for their higher end systems?

    And I'm STILL waiting for a mobile 8800 :D
  • my new name for a high end system would be -  xps extreme
                                   - presenting -
                          the xps extreme machine
  • Ugh.....okay this is NOT worthy of an XPS designation. Radeon HD 2400 is all nice and well, but I think this is a mistake to Market this system as an XPS level product.  Especially being an All in one solution. I would be more interested if there were upgradeable options for hardware, and would be interested to see what if anything actually can be user upgraded.
    I just think this is a misstep to Brand this with the XPS logo. When I think Dell XPS, I think BEAST.....and this is NOT a beast slouch by any means.....but not a BEAST.
  • Clean design, not an XPS for high end, nor is the spectrum of upgrade ability further down the road. It'll eat a hole in the pocket for an average user that doesn't need the flash. Not that I didn't like seeing it, it's not the wisest marketing strategy on this platform. I'm sure many 2010 owners are tasting dust particles and lint from their last purchases. That's my opinion.
  • I think it looks nice, Its too expensive for me :(
  • I work in services.  I get into a lot of peoples houses and I've seen these all in one things from Macintosh.  I've stood by while these folks tell me how powerful this computer is.  "It's just amazing" they say.  I think to myself..  "you have no idea you poor poor computer noob". 
    To me they look like laptops on stands.  Why not just get a lap top?  They have no room for even one Geforce 8800 GTX graphics card let alone two in SLi.  The point is that the people that i've had contact with have been fooled into thinking they have the most powerful, most advanced computer system going.  Besides because of lap tops this all in one idea is quite old.  Maybe the idea is that people want a seperate keyboard and mouse.  Well here's an idea.  Create a lap top that has a cover for the laptop key board.  Then have it so the keyboard swings 180+ degrees so that with the keyboard upside down it acts like a stand for the monitor.  Then couple it with an independant blue tooth keyboard and mouse.. wham!  all in one computer.  Call me old school but I'd much rather have what I've got then one of these all in one things.  IMO apple tricks their customers that's why they buy them.
    XPS 720 H2C
    QX6700 2.66GHz Overclocked to 3.47GHz
    4GB RAM
    Dual 768MB nVidia GeForce 8800GTX
    SATA RAID 0 with Dual 160GB 10k RPM Hard Drives
    X-Fi sound card
    Ageia PhysX Processor
    1 kilowatt Power Supply
    Windows XP Pro
  • i agree with gontue and most of the other people here
    all-in-ones lack uprgadability, performance and over all usefullness   the only reason apple is more popular is because they trick the masses who watch television into thinking they are better     
    this will be nothing more than an expensive novelty item in about 6 months