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Dell 30" Ultrasharp monitor video card compatibility?


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Dell 30" Ultrasharp monitor video card compatibility?

  • Hi all!

    Thanks in advance for your help! I currently have a fairly spiffy GeForce 6800 GT 256 MB card. I'd like to buy this monitor, but am slightly confused about its requirements. Can my video card handle it? I seem to have a maxiumum resolution of 1600x1800, but that might be the limit of my current monitor(?).

    The card is a BFG 6800 GT 256 MB. Does it have a dual-link?

    I plan on upgrading my system in a few years in any case, but can I use this monitor now with the setup I've got? Or is there more information you need to help me?


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  • No. That video card CANNOT handle it.
  • From what I understant, sli is a requirement for this monitor. The new 7950GX2 can probably handle it by itself, but probably not any other single card.
  • nice gaming rig rollainm. lol. I'm stuck with a ti-83 :(
  • Thanks very much for your help! I'll wait to buy the monitor until I can get my new Alienware! Take care all!
  • Thanks. Built it myself lol :smileyvery-happy:

    It's not really overclocked (or rigged to a cell phone for that matter). But the former is actually possible, believe it or not. I found instructions on how to do it while searching for games and thought it was funny. I personally can't imagine risking damaging a $100+ calculator just to play Phoenix a little faster.

  • Dont get an alienware.
  • What is needed to run the 30" LCD in its native resolution in 2D is a GPU that is equipped with Dual Link DVI connectors and not single link DVI which your card now has.

    Dual link DVI was introduced for PC by ATI with the X1800 and come standard with many of ATI's cards now then was followed by Nvidia by certain versions of the 7800 and 7900 families.

    I do not believe any games use the high native resolution that this panel can enable but a good X1800, X1900 and 7900 should run games at very high resolutions and settings. When games do finally reach the 30" lcd's native resolution I believe you will need 2 X 1900 Crossfire or 2 X 7900 SLI to run games that high. so purchasing a CrossFire or SLI motherboard is a must if you intend in the future when games allow that resolution you will be ready to upgrade.

    It would be a dream to see a game played at this resolution on such a large LCD, the fine detail of the resolution must be awesome since my native resolution on my 19" LCD is only 1280 X 1024 and at that resolution it gives you real depth and detail.