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Good games for bad computers


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Good games for bad computers

  • Max Payne 1- for anyone who didnt enjoy splinter cell as much as they should have, runnin out with duel SMG's is the LAW in this game...never tried #2

    Starcraft- old, but good

    Total annhilation- rare find, also old but good

    Stronghold 1- never tried the second, also old but good

    rise of nations- KIK RTS!!! kinda like AOE

    railroad tycoon 3- kinda complex, takes a while to get the hang of, but still is fun

    evil genius- not many "layers" of complexity, easy to get, will lag somtimes when theres tons on screen, which happens often.

    tron 2.0- GR8 GRAPHIX, GR8 SHOOTER yet for some reason it dont lag much (all the bright lights cover up its lack of lighting and shadow effects and less than impressive poly counts) play on medium textures r else itl lag like crazy when the action comes

    Syberia- some really, really, really good 2d graphics that make DOOM3 look mediocre, kinda weird tho, not for everyone

    Alice- kinda creepy at times, but the based game based on movie ive seen so far lol

    Rollercoaster Tycoon 1- DONT GET #2 the first one is muuuuch better

    Il add more as i get them

    played on a 2400, 2.2ghz celeron, 256mb RAM, Geforce MX4000.
    i STRONGLY reccomend getting ATLEAST a FX5200 if you wanna play these, will allow you to play tron 2.0 and evil genius with alot less lag. i will admit the MX4000 wasnt a very good choice.

    havnt posted here in som time, been pretty busy lately
  • I really wanted to play Alice, but never found the time. 

    Do you think it is worth getting now as a cheap "filler" game?  If so, where do you think I can find it?

  • its only $10, but i wouldnt make it your first choice. if you like 3rd person games, i would recommend Max Payne instead of Alice
  • to me Rollercoaster tycoon 2 is just an expansion of 1, pretty much same game play
  • see, the thing about RC2 is that all the parks are unlocked from start, which COMPLETELY takes away the exitement of the last few months hoping that your park rating wont plummet (which it usually does) and franticly hiring entertainers and building tons of coasters to keep it up.

    in RC2, you dont get any anticipation, and there are less parks, and you can get RC1 and both exp's for like $10 now.
  • heh
    Two Fantasy RPG's
    1.) NexusTK - An Asian based mythical RPG 2D - Graphics (Pretty neat in that you can play the entire game with just the keyboard, also the boards are built into the game and nearly everyone reads them).
    2.) DarkAges - Think its a 2D engine... Never liked this game.
    3.) Shattered Galaxy - Pretty neat, it's like an RPG/Strategy combo.
    All the games are free to try and really don't take much PC to run.
  • I don't like Alice that much. I like the concept, but the actual gameplay gets stale, and ends up feeling like a 'lite' FPS. (And the graphics obviously don't have the same impact they did in 2000 or '99 or whenever it was.)