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Command & Conquer: Yuri's Revenge won't run


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Command & Conquer: Yuri's Revenge won't run

  • Red Alert 2 runs fine, kinda.  It randomly skips/freezes whenever it plays a movie.  Yuri's revenge just won't load.  They both worked fine on my other, much slower computer.
    It gives me an error saying:
    "Main executable for Yuri's Revenge has encountered a problem and needs to close."
    whenever I try to run it.
    This has happened on 2 different hard drives and in the DVD drive and DVD burner I have.
    I have the newest version of the games, Windows is totally up to date, and
    I have an 8400, 510 RAM, 80 gig HD, and I think 3.2 ghz.
    These are the only games which have given me problems.
  • If you are trying to run it on windows XP (which i assume with an 8400 you are) it needs to be run in compatability mode.
    Right click on the yuris revenge icon on your desktop or in your programs menu, click the compatability tab, and check the box next to "run this program in compatibility mode for win 95".  Clcik apply, then ok and try launching the game from that icon.
    By the way if you like those games, you should try C&C generals, your wasting away a machine like that playing RA 2.

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  • You say Red Alert 2 runs kind of.  Would you like to explain a bit more?
  • It runs just fine, but when it plays the movies, both in-game(when they tell you the objectives and stuff like that) and FMV, it skips a lot and it's frozen a few times.  Sometimes it skips even when it plays a sound, but I can turn the sounds off if I need to, so that's not much of an issue.
    Just a question on the side... is MS Word supposed to take about 5 hours to install?  'Cuz at the rate it's going that's about how long it's gonna take.
    And thanks for the recommendation, I've heard it's really good but I don't have much along the lines of money right now.
    And I haven't been able to see if the compatability mode fixes it or not yet.  Waiting for this accursed Word to finish installing first.

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