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What can i do to upgrade my Dell Inspiron 530 to be a some what good gaming Computer

  • i have a dell inspiron 530 i need help to know what i can do to up grade.

    what i have 

    -Windows 7 home Premium 64 bit

    -4gb of ram

    -intel core 2 duo Cpu 2.66 ghz 

    -gigabyte hd 4350 512mb ddr2 graphics card

    -everything else thats inside the case is stock 



  • You can upgrade your power supply and video card for better gaming.  The HD 4350 is not a gaming card.  Therefore, it depends on how much you can spend and what games you want to play.  If you went with an HD 6770 and PSU, you would probably be looking around $150 after rebates.  

  • As Long as its not a SLIM Desktop you can use a Radeon HD 6670 Video card.

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