Q6700 + Dimension E520 w/ newest BIOS = works or not?


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Q6700 + Dimension E520 w/ newest BIOS = works or not?

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    OK thanks for your reply. Do you feel the CPU running hotter with the Q6700 and fan becomes noisier? That will be my biggest concern with the upgrade. Am I correct to assume you use the old heatsink for the upgraded CPU?

  • Temperature is not an issue; the Q6700 runs cooler than the Pentium 4 I had installed before. Maximum temperature under load (gaming for over an hour with hi-res graphics Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2) so far has been 44 degrees celcius; well within safe limits. Normal temperature at idle is around 30 degrees celcius max. The Pentium 4 used to idle in the mid-forties. The computer is somewhat noisier than before  but I believe that is the fan on the graphics card (Radeon HD5770) rather then the CPU fan (the original computer used the on-board graphics). The original Dell CPU fan is a big, lazy thing and very quiet. Yes, I am using the original E520 CPU heatsink and fan with Arctic Silver thermal grease. They work just fine. Good luck with your upgrade Smile.

  • Minor correcrtion re temperature; max at idle is 38 degrees (it is often lower) on one core but the other three are always considerably lower. Evidently this is not unusual. See scren clip from PC wizard below:




  • My temperatures (with original Dell heatsink) are similar to Neil's  at idle 2 cores are 30 degres and 2 are 25 degrees  (Speed Fan.)   

    My Q6700 has been installed for 2 1/2 years with no problems.

  • Hi, sorry about my earlier post; the screen shot failed to load. See below for a screen clip for PC wizard that shows my temps at idle as of right now. It doesn't get a whole lot hotter under load and hasn't come close to being a concern re temperatures. I have thought that I might be able to get them down even further if I re-apply thermal grease with a thinner layer. However, it is not really a concern. I can use the machine for whatever I want and it doesn't even look like over-heating. Cheers, and good luck with your upgrade.



  • Thank you so much for all the replies. These have ease my concern about putting in the Q6700. You are the best !

  • For anyone else who is interested in the Q6700 temperature issue, I ran PC Wizard and Speed Fan simultaneously and got the following result. he Speed Fan readings are on the right and PC Wizard on the left. Why Speed Fan reads so much lower than PC Wizard I do not know. In any event, it seems to run reasonably cool, but I would be interested iof anyone can acccount for the difference in readings.

  • this may be an oldquestion but i cant find a final answer any where really. Have an E520 and can get a qx6700 for £10 more than a q6700, is it worth it and will the E520 run with it? Any help appreciated, many thanks.

  • I would stay with the Q6700 as it runs cooler and uses less power so you may have issues with the QX6700 especially with the stock power supply and stock cooler.   The Q6700 is also newer than the older QX6700.  

  • Thanks KELBEAR1, will stick to the q6700 and save some money, even ifs just a tenner.

    I replaced the psu with a cit 750w (got it cheap) to run a HD5770 and a E6700. Now i need more upgrading.

    .I  should upgrade to win7 64bit and get 8gb ram then it'll be fantastic.

  • Hi Mavers92,l I have the same hardware specs that you have listed (Q6700 and HD5770) and have upgraded to Win7 64 bit and 8Gb RAM. I also use an SSD for my system drive. The results are awesome (see myn screenshot from earlier in this post). There are undoubtedly faster gaming rigs out ther but for the moeny you would be hard pressed to beat this set up. Happy upgrading!

  • Thanks for the reply Neil, after looking at that again i think the upgrade is definetly on. Will have to look into an SSD now. Thanks again.

  • OK, so does anyone know if the E520 will run with a QX6800 (2.93GHz)? All of the specs are the same as for the Q6700 except for the multiplier and (obviously) the processor speed. Given how well the Q6700 works in my system, the extra MHz could really make it awesome. does anyone have any experience with this?

  • In all the looking around the Net in did when try to find the fastest CPU i read that the QX series would be to hot to run in a E520. I think i read that on Toms ahrdware somewhere (or here, not sure now).

    Mines runnig well with WIN7, 6GB ram, HD5770, Q6600. Does the job brilliantly for a  5 year old PC. 

  • Well, I upgraded to a QX6800 and the old E520 runs better than  ever. Temps were a bit high so I sourced a 2nd hand J9761 heatsink to replace the original and idle temps are now back at about 35 degrees celcius. The specs now read as follows:

    • CPU Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6800 @ 2.93GHz
    • 8 Gb DDR2 RAM (4 X Corsair CM2X2048-6400C5)
    • Graphics Powercolor ATI Raedon HD5770
    • Hard Drive OCZ 128Gb SSD (System)
    • 2 X Seagate 500Gb RAID 1 array (Data)
    • PSU Coolermaster 650w
    • Sound Card Soundblaster Audigy 2ZX Platinum (with front panel I/O and remote control) connected to Boston BA7500G digital speakers
    • OS Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit
    • Windows experience index 7.2

    The case, motherboard and DVD drive cost me nothing (I scavenged the computer from a roadside rubbish collection). The CPU, sound card and spakers were purchased 2nd hand on eBay. The RAM, Graphcis card, Hard Drives and Graphics Card were purchased new online. Overall, the rig has cost me less than a third of the cost of a new rig of equivalent specs and it does everything I ask of it, including playing CoD 4 and Modern Warfare 2 at high res with complete reliability. In fact, it performs significantly better than newer machines owned by some of my friends. Very happy.