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Can i play my Xbox 360 on my laptop?


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Can i play my Xbox 360 on my laptop?

  • I have a dell studio 1735 and am wondering if i can play my xbox on the laptop..

    i see that dell carries several different types of cables but i dont know which i would need..




  • BeanCounter, 

    As far as I'm aware, you cannot operate the XboX/XboX 360 from a Laptop/PC. What you can do is link them up to work as a media center / hub. You would use a network cable, through a hub / switch.

    If your question was aimed at using your notebook display as a Television, then again I do not believe this is possible, as XboX uses Scart/RGB/HDMI as a communication standard and you notebook does not support these connections inbound. 



  • The short answer is yes you can but it does require some more hardware and it is hardly worth it as the speed of the video to the screen will be to slow but if you really want to try all you need is a tv tuner like this: WinTV-HVR-1500 TV Tuner Notebook Express Card.

    I have tried the PCI version on my desktop but the frame rates were horrible maybe the express card will have better frame rates.