I need SPACE--do FAVORITES & SHORTCUTS take up a lot of space?


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I need SPACE--do FAVORITES & SHORTCUTS take up a lot of space?

  • Bookmarks and Favorites--do they take up enough space to help crash my Sims 2 game? 


    I'm gonna' get that game workin' if it kills me!  I had it runnning for about 20 seconds!  So exciting!



  • Still have that Dim 2400 system Philabee ?  No video card but a low ended Integratede video chip that takes some main memory ?  If you do not have 1 GB or more, nor a video card installed, you will not be able to run that game well at all.


    A game system requirement link to test your system to see if you can play that game on your computer


    Banchetto 101 Case-Less System



    eVGA 780i Mobo

    eVGA 295 GTX Video

    8 Gb Corsair Memory

    Thermaltake TRUE Black CPU Cooler

    VelociRaptor 10,000 rpm HD

    Windows 7 RC 7100

  • What kind of problem are you having?  How much free space do you have on your drive? 


    And no, favorites and shortcuts don't take up much space-virtually none. 

  • Oh...hi.  Yeah, I sorta' do.  Okay, I'll waddle into the Radioshack and talk to one of the sulking, oh-so-cool teenagers who enjoy helping old ladies like me.


    But seriously, thank you.  I have a computer savvy friend who can help.  I was trying to do it myself, obviously a bad decision. 

  • Thanks for answering.  My computer's really bad right now.  I'll get back to you. 


    I installed Sims 2 on my D drive and last night Sims 2 ran for about 20seconds before crashing.