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NFS games with NVidia card.

  •  I'm having an issue with NFS games. I think its related to Nvidia card. One of my friend is also having the same issue with his nvidia card. The issue is, I cannot steer my car to the left side when i apply nitrous. It goes to the right side when i apply nitrous, but not left.

    It happened same with the latest game NFS RUN. It happened with my frnd's computer (nvidia card) for NFS Hot Pursuit and Most wanted also.

  • I think you should reinstall your Nvidia card or choose some new, search for suitable for your apps and computer. you can visit here for more specifacations and it may also solved your problem about it. There's so many solutions regarding your problem. >>

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  • Well there may be problem with your gaming pad.Some buttons might not work at all.Try to change your gaming pad and if still the problem exists then just go to and ask a question out there and within no time your problem would be solved.There are so many IT experts out there to help.It is the best site for me because it has a solution to every question.I would recommend it to everyone.