Rainbow Six Three: Raven Shield issues


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Rainbow Six Three: Raven Shield issues


       I am trying to find a way to play Rainbow Six Three: Raven Shield on my newer Dell Computer (4GB DDR2 RAM, 2.3 Ghz AMD Anthlon 4400+ Core 2 Duo processor, Galaxy GeForce 8600GT 256MD low profile graphics card, Windows Vista 32-bit OS).

    I have been told that this particular game will not run with Windows Vista; every time I try to load it on, it gets a specific warning stating that a 'critical error has been detected' or something like that.  However, I tried loading it on to a friend's XP computer, and the same error occured at the same time during the load. 

    Is this a compatability issue with dual-core processors?

    I am looking at buying         http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822144122

    this or a similar small hard-drive to stick in my computer and format for XP. 

    However, if there is an issue with dual-core processors, I may just be throwing away forty or fifty dollars.


                                                   If anyone knowns what I'm talking about, I'd appreciate it.

  • Try checking your system compatibility with the game here which may help indicate any hardware issues with it. A lot of us use this or recommend System Requirements. And just to comment, if whatever game you're checking doesn't meet the Recommended requirements you can be assured it won't run at an enjoyable/playable level.

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