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PowerDVD Error

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PowerDVD Error

  • In attempting to play (multiple) DVD(s), I receive this notification:

    Error Code: 8004027B

    DVD-Video playback graph could not be

    built due to insufficient decoders.

    How is this situation remedied?


  • Go to Start > Run and type in "dvdplay".  If it doesn't work your Directshow Filters are screwed up.  Try downloading the latest version of Directx.  If that doesnt work your hosed and its time to reinstall the OS.  Once the base layer of Dshow is corrupted you wont get DVD playback to work.
  • One more thing, try reinstalling PowerDVD or upgrading to the latest version. Make sure you have the latest video drivers for your graphics card as well.
  • Problem righted upon reinstallation.  Thank you for your assistance! 
  • error 8004027B is a pain need help