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connecting laptop to TV to watch DVDs

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connecting laptop to TV to watch DVDs

  • I have a latitudes C540 notebook. I purchased an s-video cable which I connected to my TV and laptop. I got the laptop screen to come up on the TV. However when I actually pressed play in winDVD and/or windows media player (I tried both) the movie would not show. On my laptop screen the movie played, however on the TV the space where the movie was supposed to be was black while the menus etc of winDVD and/or windows media player. Could someone please help me? Also how do I get audio to come through the TV. An explanation of what to do to use my laptop as a DVD player connected to a TV would really be helpful or a link to somewhere that wouls d tell me. Thanks!!
  • You will need to change the Video settings on your laptop as follow:

    1. Access the Windows video setting by right mouse click on the desktop and select Properties
    2. Select Settings tab
    3. Click on the Advanced button
    4. Under the Display tab, change your laptop display as Secondary and
    5. Make the external display/monitor as Primary
    6. Click on the Apply button
    7. Close the dialog
    8. Play your DVD and it should works fine!

    For the audio, go to RadioShack and get an audio cable which one end is a mini stereo jack (A) and the other end is an audio AV jack (B) - white and red colors. Plug the (A) into your laptop headphone jack and the (B) into your TV Audio input jacks (white and red).


  • thanks for the detailed description on how to connect the laptop to a tv...i didd all of that and i get the picture and sound from my tv...but the picture is in black and white...not in colour...however my pc monitor displays in colour....can someone please help please...thanks
  • I stuck with exactly the same problem..

    However my desktop has clear colors, my tv only displays a black/white scheme..

    Is there anybody who knows why this happens? And how to prevent it..



  • This could be caused by having an incorrect format for the TV.

    You could go to Display Properties -> Advanced ->Displays. Then Click on the Button TV-> Format Tab. Select the Format supported by your TV. Or select it based on your country.

  • You are using a S-Video cable which only works in black and white unless you have a newer tv or one with a s-video input.  The socket on your laptop is 7 pin and if you can find a cable to fit it, it should work in colour.  If you ever find one i wouldnt mind knowing where cause i never could.
  • I bought my cable from, their pro version. It works great.