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sound card won't work

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sound card won't work

  • I have an Optiplex GX 620. The onboard sound is awful and not loud enough.

    I had a Zalman USB 5.1 Ch sound card which worked fine with my desktop speakers for a year before it quit.

    I replaced it with a Sabrent USB SND8 external 7.1 and hooked it up like the last one.

    Didn't work. They sent me another one and it didn't work either, so I am thinking they both probably aren't bad.

    I didn't have to turn off the onboard sound in Setup before, but I tried that anyway. Still didn't work and I also couldn't use the mike so i turned it back on.

    Everything in the trouble shooter checks out. The device manager says it is working properly.

    Is there something else with this computer or the onboard sound which is incompatible with the Sabernt USB-SND8?

    Or something else to check?

  • First, if you are not using the built in sound it should be disabled in the BIOS (Setup) or it can conflict with any other sound card.  Also, you can only have one default audio playback device. 

    USB connected devices such as this must have their drivers installed BEFORE physically connecting the device to the PC.  If the device is connected first the installation can fail and the device will not work.    If you connected the device first, reconnect it and then go to the Device Manager and the USB section.  There will probably be an Unknown Device shown in the USB section.  RIGHT click on that entry and then LEFT click "Uninstall".  Phyically disconnect the unit and then restart the PC.  After Windows has finished starting, insert the CD that comes with the Sabrent and install the drivers and only after the drivers have been installed (or the install program tells you) connect the unit to the PC.  Windows should detect and install it.


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