Since the outbreak of the global financial crisis, computer embroidery machine industry experienced several times "up"and "down" rapid transformation.In this kind of situation, how to respond for domestic computer screen embroidery machine manufacturer ? How about the future development of computer embroidery?

A: high efficiency

Computer embroidery machine is moving towards a high efficiency, fully automatic direction. Wether embroidery factory or shoes&apparels enterprise all raised production efficiency to the computer embroidery machine .

Trend 2: four in one

Because domestic traditional special embroidery machine control system (dribbling embroider, chain embroider) used more centralized control mode, the design four in one embroidery machine in mechanical assembly process demand is higher, so the current domestic multifunctional embroidery machine mainly three-in-one type.

Trend 3: embroidered with laser technology

The laser technology is applied to embroidery machine for many years, but has not become mainstream. Currently using laser technology embroidery machine mainly have three kins: one is embroidery laser all-in-one PC news , laser control and embroidery machine control USES the same control systems,; Aother laser control system is independent of embroidery control system for bridge outside, laser carve patterns or designs on woodwork cutting machine battery; The third kind is laser applied in positioning system embroidery machine

Four: reality and trend of gap

In a meeting, a embroidery machine enterprise CEO said: "Our biggest puzzles is we do not have the direction ,the  update technology in recent years is little." In fact, the domestic computer embroidery machine only alike in the appearance, but for the mechanical performance, there are still bigger promotion space.