I recently bought an Amstrad Sky HD box. It has SCART (works fine) and HDMI (no component) output. The W2600 TV doesn't have HDMI so I've tried HDMI to DVI connectors and a HDMI to DVI cable. Both give me a picture but with a greyish haze over the top.

I wondered if this was a HDCP compatibility issue but reading on the forums seems to indicate this TV is HDCP compatible. I've tried various channels SD, HD, free to view and all show the same haze.

I have the same issue from my Blue Ray DVD player (however it works fine component to the W2600 component), so its not the source but the TV.

There doesn't seem to be many settings on the TV, I've tried the DVI setting to RGB. Thats about all you can set.

Anyone have any idea's.