Where is my tv? You sent the other stuff, but have no info on the tv I ordered. My soul burns every time I have to call that phone bank you think is customer service but is really a black hole that causes customers to vanish, and never to return. Really, its the worst business practice you could do. Its way more expensive to try and get customers back then it is to keep them through outstanding service. When I get great service I tell people about it. I spread through e-mails, blog, website forums I frequent letting others know what I recommend and why. Guess what, I do the same thing when I get poor service. It's just like restaurants. Redbox is a great example of how to do business. People love redbox, I love redbox. It's not that their product is perfect; because it does have glitches sometimes, but its easy to email them, they respond quickly and make offers trying to fix whatever the problem is. An example, the wrong movie was dispensed, I emailed, they sent an apology and codes for movies. Problem resolved AND happy customer. Dell executives, take a look around the web. You're getting destroyed through internet complaints about customer service. If you don't see the problem I wish you the best in bankruptcy court.