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Shipping issues

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Shipping issues

  • So I ordered a 42" Plasma TV at a great price on 3/1. When I fished ordering it said the estimated delivery date would be today 3/5. Obviously I was thrilled with the speed but not convinced. The order shows even still that the tracking and carrier data are unavailable. This made me nervous but I read on the dell site that it could take 3 days for the tracking # to be updated and if I haven't received an Email saying it was delayed I should be fine. So what the heck I'll take today off work so I don't miss it. By 2pm I'm getting worried so I call customer service. They couldn't even tell me what carrier had it. She told me she would report it and I could expect a response in 48 hours. "So it is for sure not coming today right?" I said. "Well the delivery date is the 5th so it should." At that point I knew she had pretty much the exact info I have and either didn't have the ability or desire to help me further. It is now after 5pm and I am wishing I had stuck with my instinct to assume it wouldn't actually get here when they indicated. Even if by some miracle it actually shows up today I'm not terribly impressed all the way around.

  • To update. Still no TV and no reply to my phone call or Email. Also still says estimated delivery date is the 5th. I assume it is actually coming.

  • I had the same exact problem.  The estimated delivery date of our tv was 3/4.  We waited all day.  I called customer service on 3/5 to check status because no info available online.  I was advised that pilot delivery services is who has our tv and we needed to call them. They did give me the tracking number.  I called Pilot. They have our tv which was in Chicago on Friday. Advised it would be in Pittsburg on Monday.  We have to call Pilot on Monday to schedule a delivery date.  I was furious.  I did not pay for the extra shipping because of the estimated delivery date on Dell's site.  Pilot's agreement with Dell is 5 days delivery upon receipt.  Pilot advised alot of people complain of this.  It seems to me that Dell's estimated shippnig date is the date that the carrier actually receives the product.  Pilot will not automatically deliever - they will call you to schedule a delivery date.  Dell has told me now that delievery will be around the 11th which I blew up because over the 7 days shipping indicated.  Again Pilot just said to call them Monday to schedule appointment.  We will see Monday.   Very disappointed with Dell on this issue.  If I would of know I would of paid the extra shipping costs. 

  • This is similar to what's happening to me.   On 3/2 I put in an order for a 55" LED.  On the order confirmation, the estimated delivery date was set to 3/9, which I thought was reasonable.    On the 4th, the delivery date was updated to 3/5 but with no attached carrier information.  So, not wanting to miss the delivery, I stay home from work.

    Well, no tv, unless they have mastered time travel. 

    Looks like mine is coming from Pilot (now there is carrier data) -- and when I track , I see there are not one but two Pilot tracking ID's associated with my order for (1) tv.

    Pilot's status hasn't changed at all over the weekend but the estimated delivery from them shows the 11-18th -- which seems a bit length to me and I have no idea why there are (2) tv's coming.  Dell really should tighten up a little in this area.


  • Wow, it's 9 months later - and the same situation is being experienced by another Dell buyer.  Date due is 12/22, in time for Christmas - well, haven't heard a thing from Dell or the carrier - Pilot.  It's after hours to call Dell Customer Service, but reading this forum string - I probably don't have to call to find out it could take days, weeks or even months for the TV to arrive.  The automaton answering the phone says to go to the shipping carrier's website... as if they provide it.

    Had I known the problems I would experience - taking off a day of work to wait on a phantom truck delivery - they say on your order info that the truck just pulls up the first time without calling you - and, of course, you must sign for the item - otherwise, no leavee.  They'll call you for another delivery, most likely the next day, the order page goes on to say - well - can't take another day off tomorrow - have to pay for the TV that I don't have yet. 

    I get Dell ads constantly - I don't own any Dell equipment - so I have never experienced this before.  It will certainly teach me a lesson about ordering from a company only 200 miles away.  Just think - Dell must read these - for I thought that since there were no other posts since March that the problem would have been fixed and everyone gets their merchandise when Dell says it will be delivered!  Ho Ho Ho....  We'll see just how merry our Christmas is going to be when the family comes over to watch our brand new TV... Ho Ho Ho -  No No No.

  • Very similar situation here...Horrible experience with Dell estimated date of delivery. I actually called Before placing my order to make sure it would arrive for Christmas...a 58" TV.  Of course I was told Yes, so I placed my order. I received my email stating my estimated delivery date to be 12/23.  Tracking the order online, the date never changed. I called the shipper (Pilot) on the 23rd to schedule delivery time and to my surpise was informed my TV wasn't even in the same state yet! I hung up and called Dell which still insisted I should receive the TV that day but they would put a rush on it!. I called the shipper on the 27th for additional information and was informed my TV was finally in state but not at it's destination yet...waiting to be unloaded with all the other delayed "Christmas gifts".  I called Dell this morning to find out what happened and of course the automated estimated date of delivery is still 12/23...what a Joke!  After speaking with someone that just said he was sorry for the delay, I've decided next time I order anything from my credit card company's website and see Dell, I am going to immediately sign off.  I will NEVER order anything from Dell, by Dell or through Dell again!  You would think Dell could do a much better job in their estimating and communication. This has been a true Nightmare with Dell and they have forever lost my business!!! Thanks for disappointing my family with their Christmas present...I told them you were sorry!  By the way....Still don't have the TV!!!!


  • It's 2014 and the situition is same..i ordered the 40" inch tv on dec2 and got an email saying it would deliver on 5th i was excited..and here comes the another email saying it has been delayed until further information..i waited and after 1 day i got an email it has been shipped thru i was horrified because i know how pilot site showed it would b deliver on 8 and pilot site said 9th..i waited till 8 and ni tv..i called pilot they have no idea where it is..they would not update the tracking information also..i have been calling them since 2 days and they alwaz lie saying it has arrived in jfk so i should call there and wen i call them they will hang up saying they have no idea..not even saying is 10and they still hav no i am so frustated..