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What is it with Dell's Customer Service? What do they not understand about the word "Service"?

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What is it with Dell's Customer Service? What do they not understand about the word "Service"?


    (To add insult to injury... where do these people learn to be so unhelpful?.... this post was originally deleted by Dell for violating TOS)

    I'm a patient man. I do customer service myself. In fact I once worked at Dell. But my patience has been tested by the "simple" act of first trying to buy a Vizio 26" LCD TV and then trying to cancel it not even an hour later. The phone waits are one thing but the hand-offs to less and less knowledgable folks is teeth grinding bad. Mr. Dell, try and use the CS system your company uses! Go on! Be an "Undercover Boss" for a day!

    Dell assured me it was canceled. Dell offered me $25 credit if I didn't cancel. I said no thanks, please cancel. I wish to order a larger TV at a later date. I asked three times, "This has been canceled, correct?" Three times I was told "yes, it has been canceled." I asked if I could get an email confirmation... "Yes." Lo! What do I get? A shipping notification.

    I try to get someone on the phone but it's too late. I email customer service, they say "call Dell Customer Service Voice once you accept delivery and request the $25 credit that was originally offered." I call, go from one indecipherable speaker to another, finally get one who tells me that since I refused the credit (because I wanted the order canceled!) I'll have to speak to a specialist who will look into your case. I get transfered. I get hung up on.

    What kind of business is this?

    Should I go over and talk with Mr. Dell? I pass his blue-glassed office every day...

    Bottomline, I want that measly $25 for my troubles.

    Oh, and here's the email I got that told me to accept delivery and call CS for the credit:

    "I see that your order is currently in the carrier's possession. I would request you to kindly accept the delivery and once you have received the order, please contact our Customer Care Voice Department for full refund or credit of $25...."

    Sincerely, CXXXX NXXXX Rep ID XXXXXX Dell Online Customer Care"

    Yeah, a little steamed.

  • hahahahahahhahaha. he should totally go on that TV show "undercover". Ive been dealing with Dell customer service for the past month and a bit.. they are the worst. I'm finally giving up. Even though I could get my alienware fixed im getting my money back because of the service I had with them. I dont want a computer knowing that retards are in charge.