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HDMI port on Dell XPS 1640

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HDMI port on Dell XPS 1640

  • Hi. I have a Dell XPS 1640 laptop which I connected to a Panasonic plasma TV so that what I was viewing on my computer, I could view on my TV. I connected via the HDMI port and while I had perfect picture I had no sound. Is there a way I can get sound through the HDMI port of my computer?

  • No;  you will need to connect a cable from your headphone jack to the RCA audio inputs on your television:


  • First update your drivers for your video card, HDMI should carry sound and video.  I think some video cards do not support the audio though.  On the 1640 right click on the volume (in the system tray) click playback devices and set to HMDI.  If you did all this and still nothing, you might not be able to get audio out of HMDI.  Good Luck

  • Hook up your laptop to TV via hdmi. Then shut off TV and restart your laptop. Once laptop is booted back up, turn on your TV!

  • I also have a 1640 and came across the same problem.

    assuming you have windows vista or 7 running.

    -Go down to your volume control icon on the bottom right.  Right-click and hit playback devices. Select HDMI and select make default.

    -Whenever the HDMI is plugged in and detects a tv sound will play through your tv. When the HDMI is not plugged in the sound will play through your computer speakers.