I have recently had to reset my dell inspiron 1720 laptop back to its default factory settings.  I reinstalled the driver for the ATI TV Wonder USB 600 from the AMD website as I could not find the original disk which was provided by Dell when I purchased it from them.  The tv tuner was an add on - not sold with the original laptop.  I've updated all the other system's drivers, spent 2 hours with a Dell technician and still no luck.  Although the dell technician couldn't even load the driver - I was able to do that later.  The latest driver is loaded and Windows Media Center gets to the point where it asks about a region.  The default region comes up with the United States, so I change it to Canada and it says that the driver for the tuner does not support this region.  I loaded the driver and tuner on a Sony laptop and it works fine so there is nothing wrong with the tuner - it must be the Dell laptop.  I checked the region settings in Control Panel - they are set for English Canada.  Is there something else I can try?