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music recording using thx trusource PC

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music recording using thx trusource PC

  • Is there a link that describes the sound card for thx trusource PC on the XPS 8100, specifically, what the input and output ports on the sound card are?  I want to use the computer for home music recording via the sound card and interested in 1) can it operate in full duplex mode (record and play sounds simultaneously), 2) can one of the inputs ports accommodate a stereo signal, say from an external mixer?  Alternatively, I could record via a UBS input and output sound via the sound card.

  • Hey BSG - I wish I had your solution, but I don't and I suppose I am here to add to the question.  I've had  this PC for less than 2 weeks - and I love it - but one of the things I had hoped to do with it, I have yet to be able to do and it is extremely frustrating.  I just simply want to be able to record streaming audio.  I was able to do this easily with my 8-year old Sony Vaio running XP, but not with this studio 8100.  I would use Audacity or AVS Audio Editor.  Now I can't get either of those programs to "hear" anything, regardless if I set the recording device to "Stereo Mix" "Line in" or "Microphone In".

  • 1.  I use Sonar for my recording studio software and would never consider using a PC's sound card for the recording.  I have a high end SoundBlaster but it's no where near what my firewire connected recording interface unit is.

    2.  You need the "System Mixer" (SoundBlaster calls it "What you Hear") to record streaming audio from the internet.  This is a hot subject on the desktop and laptop audio sections of this forum and most other internet forum.  On many systems this is no longer available or it is disabled (but can be enabled) from the factory.  If you have the System Mixer function and it's enabled and set as the default playback device, in the Control Panel/Hardware and Sound/Sound Panel, you should be able to record with a program such as Audacity. 

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