Hi all,

 I received my new Studio XPS Desktop 435T/9000 running Windows 7 64 bit on Jan 20th and have nothing but problems with the blue ray drive/player since. The pc shipped with power dvd 8.3 (blu ray edition) pre-installed and a PLDS DH-6E2S 6X HH SATA Trayload DVDRW/BD-ROM. I immediately discovered that blu-rays played but every 60 seconds you could hear the disc spin ( i guess blu rays don't spin continuously as they play movies???) and while it spun the video would freeze up until the spinning stopped and the video would then continue normally for the next 60 seconds. At Dell's recommendation I updated the bios, the video driver (ATI RAdeon 4870) and the dvd drive  PLDS DH-6E2S 6X HH firmware to the latest vesion 7D12. I also did the online update/patch for power dvd 8.3. And then things got worse. The drive could play normal dvds but would now freeze/crash during the intro company logos of ALL blu rays I tried to run. I called Dell and they said they would send me a solution. Two days later I received a disc with power dvd 8.1 wich was totally useless because it prompts me to update online and when I try to it doesn't respond. I also reinstalled 8.3 from the software downloads site and had the same problem. I called dell back and they said all they could do is replace the drive even though it plays standard dvds and reads and burns all other media just fine. So the tech came to my house last night with a shiny new  HLDS BH20N SATA HH 6X BD-RE and installed it. I'm not sure if that drive is any better or worse than the previous one but anything different seemed better at the time. We tested the drive before and after updating the firmware to the latest (C106) and, of course, I have the EXACT same problem! No blu rays would play using the patched version of 8.3 and the new/different drive! Does anyone have any idea about why the blu ray is being accessed every 60 seconds and why some discs are slowing down during this time? I still have 15 days to return this machine for a full refund if I can't find a satisfactory solution but am hoping it doesn't have to come to this.