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CD-R disks

  • Can anyone explain to me how something as dumb as a  CD record drive can decide that a cd  labeled "52x 700mb 80 minutes" sold under the label "Office Max" is in fact inserted, while one that is labeled "52x 700mb 80 min" sold under the label "Dynex" is deemed to not be inserted. Neither is sold as audio or music format, which is why I also have a pile of unuseale Memorex audio blank cd-r media.I am sitting on a pile of blank cd-r media that the cd record drive on my computer refuses to believe is present.

  • simple. it's the quality of the media.

    not to say that the Office Max is that much better than the Dynex or the Memorex

    for what it is worth, the Sony CD-R Audio that I bought is made in Japan; never a bad burn

    I used to have a spindle of Fuji CD-R not Audio that were also made in Japan; never a bad burn

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