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PowerDVD 8.2 DX doesn't play blu-ray

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PowerDVD 8.2 DX doesn't play blu-ray

  • I have updated the Dell XPS 435T Blu-ray BH20N firmware for my Hitachi BD drive to the latest as of Sep 2009 (C104) however I still CAN NOT play a blu-ray disc. I can play a SD DVD though within PowerDVD DX. The exact release is 8.2.5408. I've tried Bourne Ultimatum and Reservoir Dogs but PowerDVD DX does nothing but spin it's progress banner wheel.  This is the release of cyberlink powerdvd software that came shipped on DVD with the system.

    I have noticed that another poster was given 8.1 software by a dell rep which worked but I believe that was a dated post. Any advice is appreciated based on today's latest and greatest - if any different.

  • Sorry, I have no answer for you, but I want to rant to some one who feels a mutual pain: I am sick of Dell pc's and all the problems they come with. The latest trouble I And you are having is this PowerDVD DX  BS. Is PowerDVD the sorriest piece of software made and that is why Dell stuffed them into our computers? I've contacted dell, trouble shooted, updated PowerDVD, had it work for ONE entire movie, just tried another and BAM, same problem you are having, it freezes up my whole machine and I have to manually power down, it won't even eject the disc before I have to power down and restart. What kind of sorry company is selling this powerdvd program that can't even work to play a GD Blu-Ray......Grrrrrr.

  • An additional update, FYI,

    I contacted dell support since my build is still under warranty....since I've had similar trouble in the past with PowerDVD, and they had uninstalled, reinstalled, and updated powerdvd, the only other solution they could give was (what a joke): REINSTALL MY OPERATING SYSTEM. LOL, Can you imagine, erase everything, take countless hours to back up everything, then countless hours putting it all back, with no gaurantee that would fix the problem....I couldn't believe it, so I asked, with just a tad of anger, was there anything else they could do, like send me a new software or something. Then, and only then, dell support replied, yes the could send me a newer version or something like that......so in 3 to 5 business days I'm suppose to recieve a new version of this lousy software....I'll let you know how that works out. If you get yours fixed, by some other means, let me know, if not you may want to contact Dell for a new version. It's ridiculous that you pay an exorbent amount of money on a system that should be able to do everything you need it to do and then you can't even play BD's because you're sophisticated pc can't handle the sophisticated software. Lord knows, maybe those MAC comericals are right. In the great, on going, debate between Mac's vs. PC's that me and my girlfriend have, this is just another mark in favor of Mac's, darn it!

  • I exhausted my quota of available time to troubleshoot this last night and will be demanding a different version of OEM PowerDVD.  I noticed on other posts people had received a different version but not knowing when 8.1 or 8.2 was released or the version giving them problems, I could not tell if the older or a new version was the answer.  Nero supposedly played BD in 8.1 and I have 9.0 but it is fact that it can not play BD commercial video. It certainly is frustrating. They guy that wrote 'Software Sucks' should write a book about today's hardware.

  • *** SOLUTION *** !!!

    After I downloaded and installed the free trial of Power DVD 9, I got a message when I tried to play the Blu-Ray that the mouse controls will not work with the Blu-Ray disks.  I then used the up and down arrows and the enter key to start the Blu-Ray playing.  Once it is started playing, the media buttons and mouse controls then work.  It's some kind of glitch with the Cyberlink software, as we all knew.  But at least the disks will play.  You don't get the message that the mouse controls will not work with the DX version (Dell's Version), but the same thing works, just use the arrow keys and the enter key.  It's odd, cause I could have sworn the first Blu-Ray disk I played started with the mouse controls.  Maybe only certain Blu-Rays do and do not work with the mouse.  You'll see once the disk is started you see "play" in a blue box and "pause" in a blue box when you use the mouse controls, but they only work once you start the disk with the arrow keys and the enter button.  Hey Dell: Thanks for keeping me on the chat for three hours all because you didn't know this!  L.

  • Lee_leses,

    Where did you get the Power DVD9 trial software? I tried to get Dell to send me a new version or different version of the same (fill in the blank) cyberlink software, but they only sent me the same (fill in the blank) DX version I already had updated to. I don't want to have to spend more money than I already have, especially with paying extra for an extended warranty, this is a problem Dell should fix and pay for!


  • Castro:


    This is just a small glitch, hopefully there will be a fix in updates released by Cyberlink.  Even their paid Power DVD 9 has the same issue.  Unless you get a player from a different and maybe better blu-ray player software provider.

    At least it's useable. 

    I'm still concerned about the way the fan intake is blocked by the lid when you open the lid.  I hope the design is okay as it is.  There's a lot I like about this laptop, it's a shame the support and possible cooling issues exist.


  • I have the same issue with my new Studio XPS 9000.  Spent 3 hours on phone.. Dell is sending me an 8.2 disk (8.3 factory installed) to test, otherwise they tell me that I will need to reinstall OP system!!!!  Also, I went to the PowerDVD site and ran their online comparability check.  They say that the 8.3 version is not Windows 7 supported and recommended upgrade to version 9.  I purchased the update and it would NOT INSTALL on my Dell with an error that it will only upgrade a retail version. I am now trying to get a refund and waiting on Dell's 8.2 version that will not work.  

  • I was plauged with the same issues that everyone else here is having. I have a Studio XPS 16 with a Blu Ray drive and Power DVD DX. I also have 64 bit Windows 7. At first I tried installing Power DVD DX and that never worked for me, same issues that everyone else is having. I then downloaded Power DVD Ultra 9 and it wouldn't work for me either. FInally after 4 hours of troubleshooting I tried something else. I created a new Windows Partition with 32 bit Vista. I then installed Power DVD DX from Dell and it worked!

    It seems that Power DVD DX doesn't work so well with 64 bit OS, at least not the Blu Ray part. My sugggestion to everyone that is having problems is to try out a 32 bit Windows OS if you have one lying around and see is that works for you, it did for me and now I'm a happy camper. Again 64 bit OS and Power DVD do not play nice!

  • Dell sent me an 8.2 disk with the same problem.  I took another trouble call from someone who seemed to me more aware of the problem.  They had me download a version of  8.1 and it works fine.  It doeas ask me to download an update but I will not in fear that it will stop running.

  • Hi

    I seem to be reading an awful lot about Dells new computers that are being delivered without being tested prior to delivery or with software and drivers that are incompatible with Windows 7. I thought once upon a time it was customary to have a "burning in period" where they actually ran diagnostics on their computers before shipping them. Obviously this is a thing of the past.

    I bought a Studio XPS Desktop 435MT in October and have had no end of trouble with it, including my Power DVD now not even opening since I installed Windows 7.

    I think Dell should provide Blue Ray capable software to all affected users, even if they have to reach into their pockets.

    Thus far I have had the motherboard, RAM, hard drive and other components replaced by 2 different techs as my computer originally would not even boot up. Not bad for a 2 and a half grand computer?

    I am also suffering the NVIDIA driver problems which NVIDIA seem to blame Microsoft and Dell for and the others just seem to blame each other too.

    And, I am a bit dubious that Microsoft may have not been very open about issues with their pet operating system.

    I am sure that the computers (when you can actually get them working properly) are good computers, given all their bells and whistles.

    Sort of feels like having a Ferrari in the garage with a flat tyre and no jack.

     I, like others have been making videos of the malfunctions and they will be posted on Youtube and other sites if I don't get a satisfactory response from them.




  • Well. well, well.  Big Brother is alive and kicking and it lives at Dell.  I don't know how many people saw my post (now removed by Dell) in which I had the temerity to suggest that something needs to be d o n e a t/t o Dell to get them to resolve Customer's (the people that pay for their goods and services) issues.

    I used to manage an IT service support group for a major Outsourcing Services Company so I know what goes on and how important Customer Satisfaction is (should be).  If the support team do not take ownership of problems and ensure that they are resolved to the satisfaction of the customer, then they are not performing their prime function.

    What Dell don't know is that I am retired and have plenty of time to find ways of prodding them to improve (actually start providing, in my case) the service to their customers.

    From what I read there are a number of customers that are less than happy with Dell support.  Of course you never see the "thank you's".  I am sure that with a little directed effort on problem resolution, rather than "just reduce the number of outstanding support calls", the seemingly high number of unhappy clients would reduce.  Well, I wonder how long this post will be on the system.  I suspect that my id is on a watch list (no fly list) somewhere within Dell.

  • Hi all Bluray drive users,

    I've just been searching the forum for a solution to my problem - can't format BD-re - and am absolutely staggered by the number of problems related to all manner of Bluray drives installed by Dell.

    It seems that there is a really fundamental problem(s0 with Bluray and Dell systems.  Truely, it is staggering.  No wonder Dell are trying to ignore this problem.  Think it's time it got wider coverage in the IT industry.  Bet there are plenty of papers/magazines/rival companies/support forums/etc. that would find it interesting.  Perhaps they could bring some pressure to bear and help get some resolution.

  • I am probably on their "watch list" as well since I have had post deleted or bleeped out multiple times, but I want to get this problem resolved. If that means we need to contact out side sources to make Dell LISTEN and PAY ATTENTION than I am all for it. I will write letters or add comments to any post, does anyone know where we should direct our efforts since Dell clearly just wants to sweep this all under the rug? BTW, in the event that I am finally booted from their forms, does anyone know of a good forum to post to that people will actually read?

  • Hi xercxes,


    Would you mind if I quoted your last comment.  I would like to add it tio something I intend to post on a Technical Support Forum that I am a member of.  I would not disclose your name - Mark or your community Id - xercxes.

    Did you get your problem resolved without the need to post to YouTube?