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Blu-Ray playback problem

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Blu-Ray playback problem

  • I have a Studio Slim 540 Desktop and have just tried to pay my 1st Blu-Ray movie using PowerDVD.  The move loads, plays the previews then goes to the main movie menu page.  At that point it will not respond to the mouse.  I put the pointer on "Play Movie" but nothing happens.  I ran the updates.  It could be the disk but since it works fine to that point I doubt it is defective.  The system plays DVD's with no problem.  Any suggestions.?



  • Dell does not know how to fix the Blu-Ray problem regarding the new Blu-Ray movie discs from 20th Century fox (including titles like X-Men 3: The Last Stand).

    The problem is with the Dell and hardware setup. I know this because I downloaded the trial versions of WinDVD, Arcsoft TotalMedia and also Cyberlink PowerDVD from the respective websites. None of the trial versions work. So obviously its not a PowerDVD problem but in fact something wrong with the Blu-Ray drive or computer configuration.

  • You often can't use the mouse with Blu-ray discs, just use the arrow keys on your keyboard and 'enter' button for clicking.



  • I had tried the arrow keys but they did not work.  I did rent another blu-ray movie (a different title) and it worked so maybe I had a defective disk.

    Thanks for your response.

  • I just purchased a Dell Inspiron 17RCore i5-460M 2.53GHzBlu-Ray and tried 3 blue ray discs. Only one worked. The other 2 did load but wouldn't start. The laptop was ordered on december 1 from Costco. What do you suggest?



  • See if there are any updates to the software.  I personally had to upgrade (as in pay for it) to their latest powerdvd 10 stuff.  Normally what you get when you buy a new computer is a stripped down peice of software that is rarely updated.

  • Thanks for the help. I checked before I posted and there wasn't any update available. I set on the phone for nearly 2 hours last saturday waiting for dell with Costco's customer service guy and he was being transferred 4 times. Dell kept telling him that "they" were the wrong department. The last one, he asked to hold so he ccould get me in on the conversation and they just hung up. Would a different brand laptop be any better?