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lcd tv w3706mc digital tuner frozen

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lcd tv w3706mc digital tuner frozen

  • has anybody had a problem with their digital tuner freezing when updating channels.

    mine has frozen and will not retune,it started when i updated channels and froze at saving dtt channels. i have since tried retuning but the tuning bar sits at channel 21 and does nothing. analogue channels are fine. ive tried factory reset but does not help. any suggestions welcome, binning it is not an option.

  • Has you got your tv sorted after this problem as I have the exact problem?

  • I have got  the same problem with my Dell W3706, in that it has locked up trying to retune the digital TV stataions.      The digital TV part of the W3706 was pretty useless  before.  Now it has locked it is totally unuseable.   Does anyone have any hints as to how to retune the digital TV channels?



  • My digital tuner has froze as well, along with other numerous problems- I have spoken to Dell who assure me that there is nothing wrong with the set and that I should go and buy an external box. I have plugged my sat box into scart1 as my main tuner with the sound being fed to an external amp due to the sound faulty on the dell. I have had to use the AV amp as the video switcher for my other sources as SCART2 is also faulty. I think the answer for me is to buy a new TV.

  • Yep, I have had the same problem ever since the latest Freeview update in the UK a year or so ago. I retuned and went to save the channels and it's never worked since. Dell have washed their hands of it and have no fix. Dell do not want to know. I found their customer service over the matter was worse than woeful and will never buy another Dell product again as a result. I even complained to BBC TV's Watchdog about Dell and Freeview as someone is responsible but nothing happened.

    Your only option is to either buy a TV tuner for your p.c. or a set top tuner and connect it to the TV via the scart or AV cable connections.