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Will the ATI Digital Cable Tuner be available in a new XPS Desktop model soon?

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Will the ATI Digital Cable Tuner be available in a new XPS Desktop model soon?

  • I was all set to order an XPS 420 with the ATI Digital Cable Tuner when that model was discontinued.  The new XPS line does not offer that tuner option right now.  Will Dell be offering it in a new model soon, or do I need to go order from HP now?

  • Hi def guy:

    As product specifications and options change all the time, it's not immediately known whether that card will be available in future models.

    That said, you can always purchase a card 3rd party and install it in in you desktop should you choose.


  • Best way to get that is USB instead of PCI.  Bus's disappear but USB works desktop or laptop.



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    • Built-in DVD decoder adds the ability to watch the hottest DVD movie titles
    • Full featured remote with receiver lets you watch, pause, record live TV
    • ATI AVIVO Video Converter gives you the choice to either capturing or converting video
    • Catalyst Media Center with its 3D interface makes it easy to access the enormous number of features
    Loaded with abilities, the TV Wonder HD 600 USB 2.0 TV Tuner from Visiontek® lets you schedule, watch and record analog TV, ‘free-to-air’ HDTV, unencrypted digital ClearQAM cable TV and FM stations. This complete solution even allow you to watch the latest DVD titles, author your own DVD, or convert your recorded TV shows to take with you on your Portable Media Player. Its Electronic Programming Guide helps you to find your favorite programs while the included remote control lends you the freedom to control your TV even from a distance. The entire experience is packaged within the attractive, easy-to-use 3D interface of ATI Catalyst Media Center software. Additionally, the tuner comes bundled with USB cable (A-B), full featured remote with receiver, FM Antenna and Power adapter.

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    Dell Part# : A1304584

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  • Thanks for the reply Chris.  However, I am referring to the Digial Cable Tuner which utilizes a CableCard to be able to watch and record encrypted cable.  You cannot buy that from a third party as it is only available from OEM's with a motherboard that has a Cable Key installed by the OEM.  Only Dell and HP were offering them besides a few small niche builders.  Just trying to find out if Dell will bring it back through a new model in the near future or whether I need to go through HP now.  Thanks.

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  • a password to what? windows?  try logging in as the "administrator" (if you didn't make a password for that), or under safe mode (f8 at boot screen)  You Might have to boot a live cd (www.ubuntu.com) then you can retrieve any data from the hard drive without passwords needed, then wipe the drive, and reinstall windows again.  good luck

  • I use my TV Wonder 600 USB to watch cable on the pc through the analog Coax port.  I haven't heard of one with cable card integration, whats the exact name.  I'm sure third party vendors can sell cheaper/more function anything that dell sells, so one must be out there.  Check www.newegg.com