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How to connect Sony Bravia 40" KDL40W4100 to Sony Surround sound DAV-HDX576WF

  • I am stumped stupid...

    I did: TV HDMI  to DVD HDMI

    Red white cable on tv to red white cable to DVD

    Speakers conncected correctly

    TV speakers turned off

    I have cable tv into my house (no set top box), then a splitter.  One cable goes to the back of the TV the other to a modem and a wireless router.

  • Ok, lets see; you have a DVD (player?  player/recorder?), a wide screen TV, and cable.  No cable converter?  My cable company isn't nice to me.  If I want Hi Definition I must subscribe to a higher tier than I now have and use a converter that I don't want.

    But back to you.  The TV is mostly a recipient of signals to be displayed.  In this case, you evidently have an amplifier with nice speakers you wish to connect to the TV.  If the TV has audio out, you need to connect the audio cables that are usually coded red and white to the red and white input of the amplifier from the corresponding output connectors on the TV.  When you shut down the speakers on the TV you need a way for audio to get out, right?  If the TV does not have Audio Out, you will need to get this from the DVD player instead.  The HDMI connection carries video and audio, so you need only have the HDMI cable connected between the DVD player and the TV.  No need for audio cables between TV and DVD (unless the DVD is part of the amplifier).

    The one additional connection that often goes from the DVD player to the TV is the RF cable.  This connection allows you to watch TV when the DVD player is off, or, in the case of a player/recorder, you have it recording some other channel.

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