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W3201C sound/speaker problem

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W3201C sound/speaker problem

  • Hey All,


    Today another porblem cropped up and I need your advice. The sound works well for about 15 minutes. Then the is a constant popping crackle and the voices are not audible. The noise is a steady sound. I disconnected all the connections and repluged-no help. I did a factory reset-no help. If I disconnected the right speaker, the left speaker worked perfectly. If I hooked up the right only, popping niose returned. I also tried another right speaker from another Dell LCD TV and the popping noise came back. So is the problem the speaker or TV??

    Is there a way to get the sound out to other external speakers???


    Anyone have the same issue and maybe a solution? Right know we are watching TV using only the left speaker.



  • I have the same problem with my speakers.  The left speaker started a few weeks ago and I disconnected it Now the right speaker started and I completely have no sound at all from either speaker now.  I have tried connecting and disconnecting both speakers and i will get sound for 1 minute and it stops again Any ideas on how to fix the problem?
  • This problem just started with my TV this week.  It's the right speaker to boot.  This is the second W3201C I've had.  The first one went up in smoke...literally.  I plan on sending the audio out to my receiver, but I'm apprehensive.  If I find something that works, I'll post again.  Any other ideas?
  • Hello,  I complained about the speaker problem.  I called dell and they said to also do the factory reset that did not work either. then they said it is probably an internal problem and I would need service.  I thought I could buy an extra set of speakers just to see if it was a speaker problem.  I went to best buy and the sales person said that using non factory speakers would probably do damage to the television and that the best bet would to hook an amplifier up to the tv and then speakers.  I did not want to go that route.  I went to Radio Shack and mentioned my dilemma to the sales tech and he said that I would need the same amp speakers and it might work.  I told him about the way the speakers are hooked up.  I took out both sides of the speaker wire and cut it striped it down on all sides turned it so it was perfect and put it back in I could still hear static but still not sound.  I have my cable box hooked up to my television so I thought maybe that might be the problem.  I got a new cable box tried out the speaker and I have great reception now from one of my speakers.  I'm not sure if the combination of fixing the wires and the new box helped the problem.  But one of the options might work. 


    Good Luck

  • All,


    Same thing happened to our 32" Dell TV the past 10 days.  I have plugged and unplugged each speaker wire and sometimes can get one or the other working but never both together anymore.  The last two days it is pure hiss and static or no sound at all.  If anyone finds a solution to this please post.  Next up is to contact Dell.  This TV is less than 3 years old!  It is about time to replace our desktop computer and between the problems with this TV, the present computer and issues at work on Dell machines I'm afraid Dell might be black listed from our household.


    Annoyed by the lack of quality,


  • Oh, it's already been blacklisted from my house.  Between 2 defunct TV's, a recalled laptop battery, and a generally unknowledgable and unhelpful support staff, I'm not taking any more chances.  I used to count on Dell as a quality establishment, but now I guess they are focusing on quantity instead.  Now I'm out a TV (the second one), and it's not under warranty anymore.  If this is a recurring problem, I'm not convinced that any of us should be liable for the cost to have it fixed or replaced.  My first W3201C started on fire for God's sake!
  • I have the same problem!  They replaced the TV with an inferior one.  NO PIP, 1 HDMI, speaker attached and slower picture.  Now I can't get a response from them!
  • Model W3201C.  Same problem except I have an electronic impulse, then sound, then no sound, impules, sound, no sount, etc.  Tried disconnecting one speaker--works for awhile then the same thing happens with just one speaker.  Does anyone have an address, phone number, or email address for Dell?  My TV is just two years old and when I contacted Dell Chat (in India I think)  they told me I would have to buy a new tv.  Not Dell  I assure you.  Unfortunately I just purchased a Dell computer last month and if this is the kind of service Dell gives It's customers I'm already sorry I bought their computer.  It won't happen again.

  • The wiring and the cable  did work for a few days.  Then it went bad I hooked up a receiver and speakers and it works fine now.  It is definetly a speaker problem. I have had my tv for only two years alsol

  • This is TOO FUNNY. I received an email that Dell deleted on of my responses because I violated the policy of the forum. I guess you can only post positive stuff here..................

  • I'm a service technician working to repair a no sound problem with this Dell W3201C hdtv.  I found the problem with this to be in the Audio amplifier module,  My O-scope shows audio signal to the amp board but nothing coming out at the amplifier IC.  spoke with technical dept in India or Pakistan not sure if the language barrier was an issue but could not get a part number for the module.  Spoke with Dell spare parts and they said the module was not available.  I feel very sorry for the mutual customer i share with Dell as I will not be able to get the part to fix such a simple problem.
  • So I called Dell today.


    Everyone was pleasent.  I emailed customer service they told me to call Tech support. I called Tech Support they said call a second 1-800 number. That phone menu gave me another 800 number to call.  This last number gave me a pleasent fellow who can repair my TV.  So I can have the TV repaired with this Out of Warrenty service center.  He told me the top 3 problems wiith this TV are 1) Power issues (on/off) 2) the Sound related issues 3) pixel issues.


    He said they CAN/Will fix the problem turnaround time is presently 3-4 weeks. Cost will be in the $300-$400 dollar range which includes shipping/labor/diagnostics/parts.


    I see this as one viable option. I'm going to call some local TV repair shops and see if they think they can fix it and save some money on shipping.


    The other 'soluiton' I've heard of is adding a home theatre system to the TV will allow sound to work.


    So the phone calls above took about 20 min and I'm not happy that a 2.5 year old TV has a major issue but at least I have some options.


    Hope that helps people get to a solution.



  • Well, I'm not the only one with this weird speaker problem.  It just started for me yesterday. It's the right speaker.  My TV is only 3 years old. DELL has to do something for us.  This is a manufacture design fault. I'm calling today to see if they can resolve this issue.  Stay tuned!

  • I hooked up a stereo and external speakers to my television and the sound works fine.  It is definetly a speaker problem not an internal problem.
  • Same issue here. Happened to me two days ago. I went to menu/ sound, turned speakers off then back on. worked for a day then back to the same sound issues. I took it to the local TV repair guy and he told me that he contacted Dell and the part was not avalible. He told me to hook it up to an aftermarket amp. So  thats the Fix I used and its working. But yeh, Dell wont be getting my business on my new computer.