Dell W4200hd and Dell W4201chd are the Y-Main boards compatible

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Dell W4200hd and Dell W4201chd are the Y-Main boards compatible

  • Hi, I am a new user

    I have a broken Dell Plasma Tv (Dell W4200hd), and I would like to know if the

    Dell (W4201chd) Y-Main boards are the same are compatible to the units

    (Can you use the (W4200HD) in the (W4201CHD)

    If so I can get this TV fix by a local tv repair

  • My W4200 just stopped working tonight... same problem as everyone else, it seems.  Please post details of your repair, if it works out.



  • The Dell W4200hd and Dell W4201chd Y-Main boards are not compatible

    base on the connections,

    If any one has a broken Dell W4200hd with a good screen

    please post it

  • My Dell WD4200HD stopped working 6/13/08.  It just went black.  The blue light remains on.  If I unplug the power and plug it back in, the screen returns fully lit for two seconds, then quickly fades to black.
  • My W4200HD's power light remains amber.  Using the remote or pushing the button, the light stays amber and the TV does not power up.  Sometimes, it will, but it is infrequent.  I know that this TV is manufactured by Phillips.  I have a local repair shop that believes it needs a control board or scan board but, because the part number is a Dell part number, they can't order it from Phillips.  Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get the correct Phillips part number or how to get this set repaired?


    My screen is good and I may be interested in selling this TV to someone who needs a screen.

  • im looking for a working screen for a dell w4200hd plazma contact me  
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