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32 Inch Dell TV has some crackling sound and sometimes has no sound....

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32 Inch Dell TV has some crackling sound and sometimes has no sound....

  • I purchaed my Dell 32 inch television in January of 2006 and I have loved it up until a few days ago.   The sound started cracking and popping all the time and part of the time I have no sound at all.  I have only used the original factory speakers and original factory speaker cables.  I have tried different cable lines, turning it off and on, factory reset, and removing the power cord and holding the power button for 15 seconds.  Nothing has resolved it.  Does anyone have any advise or solution?
  • I don't know how to fix it, but I purchased my 32" TV in March of 2006, and mine just started doing the same thing.  It was perfect up until this morning.  The speakers are crackling and I get no sound.  I don't know whats going on and I can't understand technical support.  Please help!!
  • I have the same problem DELL to me to go fish !!  i took it in to a repair shop and it needs a, DELL W3201C LCD HDTV DIGITAL BOARD made by CORETRONIC CORPORTATION i think the part # is
    00.V0901GA03 REV:A03 but cant find one. I own 3 other dell produtcs and i will tell everyone DELL BLOWS !!!

    this lcd tv has only been in service for about 18 months and to have a problem this bad is unacceptable.


  • Hi all,


    I have spent the better part of 2 days looking up information on this problem.  One speaker began popping about a year ago, 18 mos after purchase.  I disonnected the speaker and kept using the other one. Yesterday my other speaker began doing the same thing.  So far I have located several threads of discussion of this problem, this is most recent.  Here is what I have so far,  This mostly happens after warranty unless an extended is purchased.  It is most probable a sound card problem, based on several IT techs looking.  It could be an insulation problem.  So far, no one has been able to locate anyone to do the repair as parts are not available.  I have also seen a lot of chatter about the loss of screen as well, blamed on a bad power supply.  How can we bring everyone together and come up with a solution?

  • I have a w3201C and the sound started to act up today.  Some time bomb.  Crackling and then intermittent sound and then nothing.  How do we connect Dell and get answers on parts?  I've had mine for I think 2 yrs.
  • There is no solution, were stuck with a lemon as there are no parts for these LCD TVs, like i said in my last

    post never buy a dell again !!!

  • I am going to buy a seperate sound system and use the audio outout of my Directv equipment.  For now I am using a seperate TV's audio input.  It is a not a good solution but I paid 1400 dollars for this big paper weight.  It still has a good picture.


  • Well here is the answere I got from DELL, They said myw2607 TV is not the same as w2600, which means It is not under the same guide lines as the w2600, I know its the same TV but they said NO, THEY WILL NOT REPLACE THE TV NOR HELP ME GET THE PART ETC. FOR THE POWER UP ISSUE SO I am stuck with a $1200 tv that didn't even last over 14 months..I am sick to my stomach and can't believe a company like DELL would do this to great customers.. I have bought many things from DELL but I will never spend one penny with DELL ever again. Thumbs down to you DELL for the Bad Business
  • I bought my Dell 32" in December 2005 and I just started getting the cracking/static sound in one speaker, and lost my adio in that speaker. I switched speaker wires at the speaker output "box" in the back of the TV and the problem is coming from the other speaker now, so it appears the problem is from the speaker output. Has anyone tried using a receiver rather than powering the speakers from the TV. I still have one good speaker, but it appears that may be temporary.

  • I have a W3201C and have been absolutely delighted with it on every level.  I have other LCD TVs but this one is the best.


    HOWEVER:  Today, I tried to watch a DVD and when the sound started, all I heard was distortion and crackling.  A little troubleshooting narrowed it down to the left speaker jack on the rear of the TV.  When I plug the right speaker into the left jack, it puts out distortion.  This is not an intermittent problem -- the speaker jack produces nothing but crackling and noise and is 100% unusable. 


    I don't own a home theatre system so I haven't been able to test the other speaker connections.  If anyone has had success with this, I would love to know before I purchase a receiver.  I haven't found any other TV that has the handy detachable speakers (which allows it to fit into a very small TV stand, or the great variety of inputs, and the controls are just much easier to use than with my other sets.  It's really concerning to hear that so many other people have had the same problem!  Yikes! 


    For the record, I have had more than a dozen Dell computers over the years between work and home -- all have been fantastic and Dell has resolved every problem I have had.  They have replaced everything that has ever gone wrong for me, from motherboards to peripherals, like mice.  I've had way more problems with other brands and usually had a huge fight to get anything fixed.  I opted not to purchase the extended warranty for this TV.  This was my choice because the warranty was very expensive.  In short, I took my chances and know that Dell isn't liable to provide any free service, but if anyone knows of a part that will fix my TV, I would much appreciate the information!  Obviously there is a serious issue with these TVs...




  • Actually, I just had a thought.

    Since I got my TV more than two years ago, I have had the speakers separated from the set and up on top of my TV stand.  I just got a new stand, and have, for the first time, attached the speakers to the set.  That was only a few days ago.  Now I'm having this problem.  I'm wondering if it's an issue with poor sheilding that is causing a short when the speaker is right next to the set?  I'm not an expert with electronics, but what I do know suggests this could be a factor (or the timing is just really coincidental).


    Anyone else notice the problem started up right after attaching the speakers? 



  • I too have a 32 inch Dell LCD HDTV for just under 2 years and started to have the same problem..Crackling and sometimes no sound at all. Did the same as everyone else..checked wires, connections, etc. to no avail. Has anyone found a solution yet?
  • Have you ever found a place or way to get this part and the television fixed? It's no good without the sound and is basically useless, so there must be some way to fix it. If Dell refuses to help with this problem, I will NEVER buy another Dell product again and will advise my friends not to as well!!!
  • I have had my set since April 2006 and the sound issue began last week. First some cracking sound on the right channel but I also noticed that the volume on the left channel was quite low by comparison. I switched the speaker leads with the result that the noise was on the left speaker, hence I ruled out a problem with the speaker itself. Then I tried a different input, DVD instead of cable TV, with the same result, ruling out an issue with my cable box. The problem is definitely within the TV, probably with the audio amplifier. I don't know if the audio is integrated with the rest of the electronics or if it is a replaceable component.


    I did not purchase an extended warranty because we were moving to New Caledonia (South Pacific) and I didn't think Dell would offer any support there. What I would like to know is who manufactured the set for Dell. Unless I can get a repair technician to do the work, assuming he can find parts, I will have replaceable no option but to purchase a receiver that can accept all the different inputs (Cable, DVD, VCR, Computer, etc.). Even though that will work I will be left with one more remote control to operate.


    I have purchased 5 laptops and desktops from Dell over the years, always top of the line models. The last one is an XPS 720 powerhouse that seems to crash or restart spontaneously about twice a day. Having been a fan of Dell for 10 years I am now wondering why their quality seems to be going downhill. I'm not sure I'll pay good money to them in the future.

  • I have always used another receiver and have never had a problem with the tv running through it for audio. however for the first time today, i have hooked up the speakers but can't get any sound out of them..if this doesn't work for me i will be using some stand alone speakers i have for my portable dvd player, my set was purchased in 2006 also and the picture is fine.