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W4201 Plasma repair

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W4201 Plasma repair

  • Can anyone please tell me if Dell repairs out of warranty plasma tv's?  On one hand the community liaison is saying that they don't, if that is so why did Dell give me a phone number to call about getting mine fixed?  It seems like every time I speak with someone from this company I get a different answer to my questions.


    I heard that Dell does not release the part numbers so local television repairmen can fix our plasma tv's, is that true?  If so, is that legal?


    Does anyone know who actually makes this television, is it Panasonic?


    The screen on my two year old plasma goes blank after 1-2 hours of use but you can still hear sound.  Has anyone else had this problem?  If so, were you able to get fixed.


    I know I asked a lot of questions but I am frustrated I paid almost 3k for this television and when it breaks at 2 years Dell won't provide any help.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.




    Anyone know of place in Western PA. that fixes these tv's?

  • apabbus,

    I heard that Dell does not release the part numbers so local television repairmen can fix our plasma tv's, is that true?
    * Dell does not release TV part numbers because we do not have them. We do not repair TVs. We replace them while under warranty.

    * All I can find about plasma TV repair is the Decision One data.
    - Contact DecisionOne (800-941-4478). They will ask you to send the unit in for diagnosis and you must provide prepayment.
    - In 1-2 business days, you will receive material from DecisionOne to pack and ship the TV to a certified repair center for servicing.
    - Within 3 business days of receiving the TV, DecisionOne will inform you of the repair cost and ask for permission to perform the repairs. You must provide approval over the phone for this to occur.
    - After the approval is received, agents repair and return the TV to you within 5 business days.
  • ChrisM,


    I don't understand how Dell can take $2500.00 dollars from someone for a television that they don't have the part numbers for, does this sound fair to you?  If Dell manufactured these televisions how can't they have the part numbers for these televisions?  If another company manufactured this televsion, which company and where can I find those part numbers?


      Believe me if Dell would have told me this before I spent this large sum of money I would have taken my business else where.  I wonder if a car manufacturer would stay in business if the car they sold stopped working after two years and when you contacted them they refused to fix your car or release the part numbers so you could get it fixed elsewhere. If they did this it would make your car a "throw-away'' which is what I feel Dell has done to people who have bought this television. 


    As far as Decision One, I was told by one of your tech support people yesterday that he talked with them and they said they don't work on plasma tv's?  So can you please tell me where you got the information that they do repair them from?


    ****This lack of customer service is forcing me to cancel my credit account and take my business elsewhere****

  • Just for the record, I did not accept the solution.  I still have a broken television with no where to get it fixed all because Dell will not fix it or release the part numbers or its manufacturer.
  • Yeah....it looks like I'm in the same boat with a $3k Dell anchor. I'm with you...it doesn't seem right that you can plop down that kind of jing just to have the product stop working in 17 months like my 4201C...and they basicly tell you you're on your own? That's just theivery, isn't it? Then they act like they are giving you the deal of a lifetime offering you the same refurbished bucket of bolts that just smoked up your living room for another $1099. If this were happening in Japan there would be Dell brass commiting hari-kari all over town in shame of setting such a nasty product loose on an unsuspecting public...especially a public that was used to Dell doing business in an upstanding manner for so long. But it's happening here, where the new business model is the old business model: of used car salesmen 30 years ago...tell 'em anything just to get 'em off the lot, then ingnore 'em. That's why when you buy a car these days you get writers' cramp signing the paperwork, because the dishonesty in the industry was out of control, people were getting taken advantage of, and the state had to counter with laws. I for one would like to see more control in this industry because after spending a little time reading this forum and all the product/service complaints that seem to fall on deaf ears, Dell is getting away with downright thievery on a grand scale...and it just ain't right!

  • Well mine still works thankfully. But based on what I've read here, I will never buy any Dell product again.
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  • Has anyone found a way to get out of warranty plasma tv repaired? I've seen all the post. Dell 50" W5001C


  • You may be interested in this Instructable.  I don't know if your TV has the same problem, but if it does, it may be VERY useful.




  • We service Dell TV's, give us a call 1-800-708-02180:  http://www.tswsupport.com/Dell/DFoundations_2008_Desktop_CD5/W4200/W4200/index.HTM  (We will send a tech out to replace the part)  Technology Services Worldwide

  • Technology Services Worldwide 1-800-708-02180:  http://www.tswsupport.com/Dell/DFoundations_2008_Desktop_CD5/W4200/W4200/index.HTM  (They will send a tech out to replace the part)