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W2600 possible help

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W2600 possible help

  • This is for those whom have dead TVs with no way of exchange/repair. While surfing I came acrossthis info. Hope it is of some help.


    You can try this: Replace capacitor (10uF/50V) on small board mounted to power supply
    next to mother board power connector.


    Need replace electrolitic capacitors in power board. right on top wen you
    open back cover.


  • nickcw2600,

    Interesting, thanks.
  • I've seen that and I'm not opposed to fixing it myself, but only if I know with certainty that the repair procedure works.  I'm skeptical that something as simple as replacing capacitors will fix the problem.  I would think that Dell would have posted repair instructions and/or be sending out repair kits by now if an easy fix was possible.  It would avoid a lot of cost to the company.  I would think that most folks would rather have a local tech fix their TV using Dell certified instructions to avoid the delays and shipping costs.  I suspect the problem is more complicated, but who knows for sure.  I'm just advising caution.  Have you heard any feedback on whether this procedure works?


    Dell-ChrisM - What do I do with my dead TV?

  • Haven't heard anything but where I took the two separate solutions--both persons sounded to me that they were both "electronic geeks" and probably know what they were talking about. I would only try this if you cannot get any satisfaction from tech support. As for Dell having a parts fix, it would probably have to be a complete power supply replacement and they would be somewhat wary of the average Joe possible making matters worse or hurting one's self. I work on electronics and I know that you can get a pretty good jolt if you touch the wrong piece inside a power supply.
  • i just had my w2600 powerup fail on me ... acks like a problim i had with some of the old ship electronics, that used on ships i built back in the 80s ... turned out, that with them the problim was the circuit board it self ... would allow stray current to bleed out


    crt symtom was; turn off randomly, fail to power up, work after sittin g for some time.

    took a long time to fig it out .. but it was a random bugg ... no one could nail it down


       fix was


    shoot with coolent


    randomly replace parts on board


    blast with air 


    replace board


    over time it was found that if you ran a fan on the board, it would also temporarily fix the problem.


    then some one figged it out. was the board it self ... a manufacturing contamination ... a better fix was remove all parts ... clean board and re-seal it ... but that was the 80s and a board replacment could run a few 1000s dollars with a ship crt


    i would hope that dell would help us all with a better fix on this ... all they need to do, realy ... is release the parts to TV service techs to fix this ... that would make it easer for everyone to get thier TV fixed!


    hehe and no one should mess with this board if they have know idea what there doing ... it can kill someone


    i think dell knows what wrong ... they just dont understand the price they pay for not stepping up and fixing this




    i've looked this TV over and found some very poor quality control ... but the overall engineering was sound


    one can see that the shield for the power board has a few engineering flaws, over time it lets stray current flow past a dielectric shield ... the flexing of the tv and its stand will beak down this insulating part.  this also places flexing and pressure on the power board 



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  • For those of us who have a dead W2600 who a) will find it difficult to ship back the dead machine and b) are somewhat savvy with replacement of electronic parts Dell should ship a new power board. The installation is quite straight forward with only 4 cables to connect.  This will minimise shipping costs dramatically for Dell. What do you think Chris M?


    Chris please also contact me private email for my details.





  • Dear nickcw2600


    Any chance you could post the link you found while "surfing" regarding replacing components.






  • Dear Nick,

    Chris seems to be ignoring us. Your findings may be the only way out. Can you find the place where you saw the fix. Unfortunately your paragraphs conflict. Can you clarify the third paragraph. Can you give us the site where you saw this fix....Many thanks




  • ChocsUp,

    "Dell should ship a new power board"
    * That cannot be done. We do not have TV parts. They are all at the manufacturer. There is not a process to do this.
  • Unfortunately I can't remember where I found the info--it was late at night and I found the two possible fixes from two different message boards. I didn't think to note the websites when I brought up notepad to copy the lines noting the solutions found. My only suggestion would be to do a search on a search engine--i.e. Dell W2600 power problem.


    I think the reason I've had such good luck with mine is:


    a. The first W2600 was specifically made for a lease to own company and they sell extra "service" with the lease plus they probably don't want to cough up a new TV for their customers. (I purchased this unit)


    b. The second W2600 is a refurb unit and has probably been upgraded with new parts--although the tage for the serial number and service tags have been removed but it does have a Dell remanufactured tag affixed to it.




    Thanks Nick, I'll go searching!

  • I agree with the above statement. This issue must be pc board related to effect so many units in near the exact same way. I personally considered evacuating the power supply mother board & bus wiring as much of the pc board as I could. With respect to the larger components & replacing any and all caps. Hell, If I could...I'd make my own pc board with a kit I seen at Radio Shack!  I'm sure I could...with a bit of practice. Just a thought.Smile