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Dell W2600 power problem - out of warranty :-(

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Dell W2600 power problem - out of warranty :-(

  • Hi all, Got what appears to be the common power fault with my TV. Dells online support page does not accept my service tag number. Anyone else had problems getting through to someone for help on this? Thanks
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  • Since a few days i also have a power problem with my W2600. The power button sometimes does not react when pressed to power on. After keeping the button pressed for 5 seconds and waiting a few minutes, the button reacts and the device is powered on. Any suggestions on how to correct this? Thanks Jan
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  • same here ... says my tv was sold to canada and cant help me ...  i got the tv from dell usa and shipped to me in usa,ca ... tech support page say's sorry cant help me ... i need to call dell canada 
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  • Chris we have serious problems with this tv...we wait for the tv to drain of power then try to hold the power button until it turns on. I've spoken with dell at lest 5 times all which of lasted at least 30mins- hour call... to try to get this resolved.  I've been transfered here and there back and forth trying to resolve this.  We just want a tv that works!  We've been out of a tv for about 6 months now.  Please.... help us to get our tv to work or to get a new one!!!:smileysad: 

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  • Hi ChrisM, I have yet to receive any feedback from you. Could you please give me an update.


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    Open the FAQ at the top of this TV board and read the document, "TVs (W2600, W2306C, W2606C) with No Power. New exchange procedure".
  • I talked with a Dell rep online yesterday and the rep would not help me out.  He told me to "buy a new tv" because this one cannot be fixed.  I too have the power problem.  Ugh.

  • DELL-ChrisM, I also own a Dell W2600 that is now collecting dust due to some power problem. Can you give me some suggestions on how to fix it. Regards.
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    * The following in and out of warranty TVs (W2600, W2306C, W2606C) with the No Power issue must go through Technical Support to initiate the exchange. Tell the technician to look up the following DSN document IDs to get the details on the in and out of warranty exchange process:
    313698 Dell-Branded TVs Out-of-Warranty Repair Procedure - CTS/CBG/SMB/GTS-T/DOC. Tell them to scroll down to, Dell W2306C, W2606C, or W2600 TV Replacement for a No Power Issue

    329986 TVs (W2600, W2306C, W2606C) with No Power. New exchange procedure - TV and Home Theater - Dell Community Forum

    * Dell will cover this issue, regardless of the limited warranty status, for the W2306C, W2606C or W2600 TVs for 3 years from the original invoice date.
    * Once past the 3 year date from the original invoice date, we will not exchange the TV
    * Units sent as replacements for this issue should be considered in warranty for 90 days after the replacement or for the remainder of the limited warranty term, whichever is longer.

    * You will need to provide to them the following information -
    TV Service tag number:
    TV Order number:
    Shipping address:
    Phone number:
    Email address:
    Reason: Dell LCD TV has the No Power issue

    Technical Support
  • I have not got a response from Dell for this...I really need help with this.  I keep getting tossed around between India and some other country...back and forth..back and forth....this if very frustrating!!!!!!!!!!  No one has called me back. I've been with out a TV for 9 months!!!!!  I need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we paid over $800 for this TV!  PLEASE TAKE RESPONSIBLITY OF YOUR PRODUCT AND FIX THIS!!!!!!!  I know several people have this same problem...we just want our tv fixed or replaced..........

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    Did you follow the above instructions and tell the technicians to look up those documents?
  • I have the same problem - i am out of the warranty period.  What is the problem with this so I know what to tell a TV guy to get this fixed.  Why hasn't Dell done anything about this.  Would make me think leaving customers with bad experiences will push them to the competition instead.  Also - got big runaround with this whole deal so far.  Have been on the phone calling 3 different #'s for over 1.5 hours so far.  Quite frustrating and bad way to conduct business by Dell.  I am in the financial sector and see Dell stock dropping.  Customer service and word of mouth bad or good is big.  Can you please tell me what the issue is so i can get to bottom of this and fixed.  I don't want to spend more hours on phone and more time wasted when Dell should already be on top of a common problem that has happened on multiple units.