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Dell 42" Plasma - HDMI Problem

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Dell 42" Plasma - HDMI Problem

  • I tried connecting my new XBOX360 to my plasma TV using the HDMI. When I power the XBOX on, the image flashes on and off. Audio seems to be fine but the image will not stay constant. Is this a common/known problem and is there a fix for this? I've confirmed the problem is not with the XBOX or cable as I am able to connect it fine to my *** 32" LCD.
  • a_jensen,

    What specific Dell TV? What specific Xbox cable?
  • It is a a W4200 TV. The HDMI cable is the standard HDMI cable that came with the XBOX360. I have not suspected the cable as it works on my other television. I'm currently using the component cable but want to move to the HDMI to consolidate audio and video into a single cable.
  • a_jensen,

    Do you have another device to try on the TV HDMI? Power Reset the TV and check it again.

    * Turn the TV off
    * Disconnect all cabling from the bottom and or sides of the TV including the power cord
    * Press and hold the Power button in on the TV for 10 seconds
    * Reconnect the powered on Xbox to the TV HDMI
    * Reconnect the TV power cord
    * Power the TV on
  • OK, I have the exact same problem.  Your fix did solve my problem.  However, I'm worried that this is an indication that something is going wrong and the problem is only going to get worse.
    Should I be looking to have this unit serviced, or should this not be of concern?

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  • Thanks for your response; I tried this as instructed and still no improvement. I do not have another HDMI device to try unfortunately.
    Do you happen to have any other suggestions?
  • wgcampbell,

    My W5001C periodically forgets its settings and I do the power reset thing. I do not worry about it.
  • a_jensen,

    * Change the Input on the TV to something else like cable, etc
    * Power off the TV
    * Power off the Xbox
    * Disconnect the Xbox from the TV
    * Power on the TV
    * Power on the Xbox
    * Reconnect the Xbox to the TV HDMI
    * Change the Input on the TV to HDMI
  • I have a similar problem (except no XBOX involved) which started recently after I changed from Charter Cable to Direct TV (satelite). Direct TV did the installation using their HDMI cable. What happens is that after watching TV for a while (maybe after 1 hour or maybe after several hours) the video starts flickering on and off roughly each second. The audio if fine, no problem there. What has stopped the flickering temporarily, is to unplug the TV from the wall for a few minutes, then plug it back in. The flickering stops for a few hours but then starts up again. Can anyone help? Thanks...
  • Having the same problem w/ Playstation3.. worked for 3 hours now it flashes constantly ...not the hdmi cable as it and the playstation work fine on another tv.. resetting several times has not corrected the problem.tks
  • GerryHurst, skees6,

    It sounds like your both saying the TV was fine until you started using these DirectTV 3rd party HDMi cables.
  • Thanks Chris, but isn't it odd that the problem only occurs while the TV input is set at HDMI? (when I change the TV's input it's fine except for a poor'er quality picture). And, isn't it odd that the temporary fix is to simply unplug the TV only , wait a few minutes then plug it back in? This being done while doing absolutely nothing to the satellite receiver or surround sound, they both staying on as when the blinking was occurring, doing nothing at all to them. It seems odd to me that turning the TV off and on would temporarily fix a problem with the satellite receiver as you suggested. Any more ideas or suggestions? Again thanks, Gerry
  • I'm experiencing the same exact problem with my tv since I switched from HDMI/HDMI. Previously hookup  was HDMI/DVI(that worked without a problem). Must be something with the Dell Plasma TV's that don't like HDMI inputs. Would also like a permanent solution to problem. Maybe I'll switch back to previous HDMI/DVI.
  • All,

    Instead of powering off, try switching the TV to another input, then back to HDMI. Any difference?
  • I am having issues with my 42inch plazma tv... I just bought my xbox 360 and it wint even recognize it in the inputs. I play my ps3 connected with HDMI cable with no issue but the xbox isnt working at all... Any help please...